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Stone Cold 7

Serial Killers - Context

Kim Wells

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Stone Cold 7

Stone Cold - Serial Killers Do you know the names of any serial killers? We are going to: Look at real life serial killers
Create a definition of the term"serial killer"
Further our understanding of Shelter by learning about serial killers Using the information around the room try to answer all of the questions on your sheet.

Some will need circling/ticking,
others will need full sentences.

You have 10 minutes! Jack The Ripper Dennis Nilsen Harold Shipman Peter Sutcliffe How many words can you use to describe serial killers? Use a thesaurus to help. Calculating Insane Psychopath Unstable Damaged evil Jack The Ripper is one of England's most famous serial killers.
He killed at least 5 prostitutes in London during 1888. The killer was never caught but it's believed that he wanted to rid the streets of London of prostitutes. He would approach his victims as a customer and then choke and strangle them before mutilating their bodies. Dennis Nilsen killed 15 young men between 1978 and 1983. He became a cook and butcher in the army. His victims were all either homosexual or homeless and he was driven by his own fear of being gay. He kept his victims' bodies, usually under his floorboards, before trying to dispose of them. He was caught after his drainage pipes became blocked with human flesh. Peter Sutcliffe attacked over 20 prostitutes and young women in and around Yorkshire between 1969 and 1980. During his court trial Sutcliffe pleaded guilty to manslaughter (not murder) - saying God had told him to rid the world of prostitutes. Harold Shipman was a doctor who killed at least 250 of his patients over 23 years (1975-1998). He mainly targeted women, often the elderly. His crimes may be linked his own mothers death - she died of cancer when he was 17 and he gave her morphine (very strong pain killers) to help her with the pain. Does Shelter fit the description for a serial killer?

What do you think his motives (reasons) are? Thinking about the novel...
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