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The Little Mermaid

Musical Analysis Term 3

Rhianna Brown

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid is a stage adaption of the 1989 film, The Little Mermaid. It follows the story of Ariel, a young, adventurous mermaid who dreams of life on the land. She falls for a handsome prince, Eric and to be with him she bargains with a powerful sea witch, Ursula, who will exchange her harmonious voice for legs and a chance to be with the prince. Her “sidekicks” and noble companions, Sebastian and Flounder, along with Ariel’s strict yet caring father, King Triton try to guide her and help her make the right choices and keep her off the land.
This piece of music is after Ursula shares with Flotsam and Jetsam her plan for revenge against her brother, Triton and his family. It is near the middle of Act 1. It is a solo by Ursula with with some duet parts from Flotsam and Jetsam and chorus parts with the eels and Flotsam and Jetsam. The dark, evil personality within Ursula is shown through the inconsistent tempo. The evil thoughts she produces increases as does the instruments as they build up and crescendo. It has a rapaciousness (greedy) feel.
Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
This piece of music is after Ariel receives legs and Prince Eric takes her to his palace. It is a solo by Ariel with chorus parts including Carlotta and her maids that is sung near the beginning of Act 2. Ariel's excitement is prominent as the solo part has a bubbly and upbeat tempo. The instrument (which include strings and piano etc.) make the song have a sweet (dolce) and also child- like feel to it.
Under the Sea
This piece of music is after King Triton confronts Ariel about her mother and after when Ariel tries to run away. It is a solo by Sebastian with a chorus that joins in. It is performed near the end of Act 1. There is a more joyful feel in the song as the more voices reflects unison. The happy, uplifting feel with the allegro tempo makes the song feel so much brighter. The contour varies throughout from steps to leaps representing the land (leaps) and the sea where she is (steps).
She's In Love
This piece of music is in the middle of Act 1 when Ariel' s sisters and Flounder suspect that she's in love. It contains the sisters and Flounder singing trios, solos and chorus parts. The tempo is quite fast as they are frantically trying to find out what's happening with their younger sister and friend. To reflect the romantic mood they suspect is in the air, the instruments that are prominent are strings and percussion. The song is also quite upbeat with a 60's feel to it.
Use of Music
I Want The Good Times Back
Instrumental Music- Saving Prince Eric
This instrumental piece is used when Prince Eric is tossed overboard after a storm hits near the middle of Act 1. He is about to drown until Ariel rescues him from dying. The tempo of the piece is quite fast matching the frantic moody and urgency of the situation they are in. The piece is loud and in your face and the use of many instruments, like strings and brass, crescendos throughout reflecting the tension and rising levels of danger then later decrescendos as he's saved and only uses strings to reflect it now being calmer and more relaxed.
Analysis of Chosen Song
Part of Your World
This piece of music is sung by Ariel after her father, King Triton argues with her about contacting humans. She then runs off to her grotto and sings it there. This is a song full of heart and hopes as she dreams to be on the land above. It is written in the key of F major and is written in the meter of common time (4/4).
The mood of the piece is reflective and devotional showing her want and cupidity to be on land and be free. This is shown through the meaning behind the lyrics and by her strength in her voice.
The contour of the melody for this song has an arc shape, popular contour in Western music, which works with the song as she's under the sea.
Instruments Used-
The use of the piano, strings and wind instruments help the piece have that bright and wishful "lullaby" sound to the song.
The tempo of the song is moderato as it is not too fast and not too slow. It has a legato (smooth) feel as it's like its flowing along which suits the ocean theme.

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