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Firefly News Flash, May 2011

A version of the Firefly Newsletter as interpreted through Prezi

Brian Remer

on 17 April 2011

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Transcript of Firefly News Flash, May 2011

May 2011 Ideas Say It Quick Discoveries Activities Self-Distraction At a Chamber of Commerce workshop, the presenter mentioned several times how relieved he was to have a small class so that he wouldn’t have to use PowerPoint. But his presentation consisted of walking us through a paper version of his slides! When questioned later, he explained that he finds PowerPoint “distracting.” “People look up at the screen and not at me!” he said. Why does he need people watching him? Recognition, affirmation, reinforcement, attention? The workshop shouldn’t be about him but about learning. Take your eyes off the goal and all sorts of self doubt creeps in. Most times, PowerPoint users rely upon too many ... Words! Prezi is ... An on-line
presentation tool Easy to learn;
Simple to use Respectful of your visual intelligence You can ... FREE ! Save a presentation to
your computer Record an
on-line course Post a Prezi to
your website Host a meeting
on-line Cautions ... Excessive panning Zooming and Spinning Can
illness! Hogworts Theory
of Learning Give students a
wand and a spell ...then stand back! It's not fiction! Most people replicate
the bad PowerPoint
habits of their teachers! Data Dumping Leaves a mess
that learners
are left to
clean up Give them a
chance to categorize, compare, contrast Ask Questions ? 99-Word Stories What do people need to know Why should they know it What will they do differently How will they use it on the job Choose the right wand
to create training magic Match purpose
to technology Skills Practice Sales Stories Information Reading Make
Own ! Send it to brian@thefirefly.org
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