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How do we design a lesson?

Gene Whitfill

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Design

How do we design the perfect lesson?
5e Lesson Plan
Create Your Own Lesson
5e Lesson Plan
Dick and Carey
Instructional Design Model
Gagne's Instructional Steps
Tools for planning your lesson
Generates Interest
Generates Curiosity
Raises Questions
Find out what students know

Why did this happen?
What do I already know?
What can I find out about this?
Encourage students to work together
Observes and listens to students
Asks probing questions to redirect students when necessary
Provides time for students to think
Acts as a consultant
Creates a "need to know" setting
Thinks freely
Tests predictions
Forms new predictions
Tries Alternatives
Records Observations
Asks related questions
Suspends judgement
Encourages students to explain concepts
Asks for justifications
Formally provides definitions
Uses students' previous experiences
Assesses students' understanding
Explains possible solutions to others
Listens critically to others' explanations
Listens and tries to comprehend the teacher's explanations
Refers to previous activities
Uses recorded observations in explanations
Assesses own understanding
Expects students to use formal definitions
Encourages students to apply learning
Reminds students of alternate explanations
Refers students to existing data
Strategies from Explore apply here
Applies new labels
Uses previous information to ask questions
Draws reasonable conclusions
Records observations
Checks for understanding among peers
Observes students as they apply new concepts
Assesses students' new knowledge and/or skills
Looks for evidence that students have challenged their learning and group skills
Allows student assess their own learning
Asks open ended questions
Answers open ended questions
Demonstrates an understanding of new knowledge or skills
Evaluates own progress
Asks related questions
Using Prezi
Create a lesson or training of your choosing (do something that will benefit you!)
Include the 5e steps for your training/teaching
Use the tools included in Prezi (graphics, video, background music...) to emphasize your points
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