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No description

Anastasiya Shulzhenko

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of Onboarding

Welcome to the board!
Welcome :)
Departament Structure
Truven Health:

Anastasiya Tomych -
departament Head Manager
#308 room
Olga Ovcharenko -
department problems Resolver
#308 room
General working stuff
Questions to ask:
1. Financial questions
2. Vacation questions

Questions to ask:
1. English question
2. Supplemental stuff
3. Reporting system
Java, QA, BA (2nd floor)
Business domain: Healthcare
Multiple projects
Truven Health
Account Specific Slide
Business domain: Health Insurance
Purpose: HelthCare reforms in USA

Business value: required medical insurance
Multiple projects
purpose of this approach
projects inherit the exemplar
client customisation
Action teams
Structure: 5 (3 DEV + 2 QA) or 8 (5 DEV + 3 QA)
Team assignment and possible changes
People working in one team sit together
Team may work on multiple projects or can switch between projects

Account Specific Slide
Working hours:
10 till 19
Holidays: standard general holidays; the email is sent prior to holidays with details
Day/time off: need to work off
Sick days: 2 days in month or regular sick days; company doctor is available
Vacation: 1 week after 6 months etc. + the process

English: tests and procedures

General fun stuff
Company holidays: three times in year:
may picnic
autumn birthday
New Year celebration

Departament Birthday celebration
celebration based on team decision
skype group for events
Wiki: company wiki + departament wiki
Wiki profile
Reporting system: staffload
Other Questions
Confidentiality of information
Confidentiality of your computer (lock)
One year
How to talk to customers
QA Leads
Dev Leads
QA Community
Java Community
Business Domain
Additional information can be found on wikipedia
Set of applications for processing medical information (patient level data, hospital level data) and applying different classification methodologies .

Technologies: Informix, Korn Shell, Perl

Web-based application which works with hospital information systems and gives access to medical data
to doctors in easy way.

Technologies: Java, Java Script, Oracle.
Tool to select 100 of the best US hospitals by metrics and criterias, we also do 50 Top Cardio hospitals and 15 Systems.

Technologies - Shell, SQL, Python and Robot Framework.
Client 1
Client 2
Client 3
Product: multiple versions
Your QA Lead
Questions to discuss:


And only then if Lead tells you to ask in
a different place, go and ask.
BA Leads
BA Community
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