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Copy of Teacher Technology Toolkit

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Sharon Kemnitz

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Teacher Technology Toolkit

Enid Public Schools
Secondary Library
Media Specialists

Tech Tools for Common Core, 6-12
Linda Reames - EHS
Lanita Robinson - EHS
Janice Fuksa - Emerson Middle School
Henri Blehm - Longfellow Middle School
Cristin Ashcraft - Waller Middle School
Presentation Tools
Interactive Activities
Organization Tool

Collaborating Tools
Content Tools

presented by...
And a special appearance by...
Jeff Herbel, EPS, IT Director

Inanimate Alice
This is the perfect combination of a graphic novel, an interactive multimedia activity, and a saga!

-View this ongoing graphic novel as a class and enjoy the awesome teaching materials that come with it!
-This is great for…
>A multimedia class
>A class of struggling readers
>A time filler
Study Ladder
Study Ladder is a resource that encourages students to participate in educational interactive games and activities at home!

-Teachers can create classes, set tasks, and see their students’ results.
This tool is great for…
>Extra help for struggling students
>As a WHOLE class on your Smart Board!
>As extra credit!
Comic Master
Create your own graphic novel!

-Click on the Educational Resources tab for awesome lesson plans specifically made for teenage boys!
-Use this for…
>Putting your poetry or novel into a different format
>Scientific process
>Mathematical steps
My Storymaker
Allows you to create an animated story. You can add your own text, or the program will add it for you!

Use My storymaker to:
-Create stories with animation
***Great for struggling writers
-Practice writing complex and compound sentences
-Use as a reward
Dynamic presentation tool, you can organize slides into “stacked” sections that your classes will dig into as time allows.

Use projeqt to:
-Provide enrichment for classes that always finish early

-Organize data by categories

-You can upload presentations from powerpoint, pdf, word documents

Jux is a presentation tool that allows you to focus photos, videos, slideshows, and more online with no ads.

Use to:
-Present content
-Post extra credit opportunities—articles can be posted
-Allow students to post a quote of the week
-Prezi is a presentation tool that helps you organize and share your ideas.

-“Prezi is helping reinvent the art of presentation. Farewell, one-dimensional thinking. Welcome instead the power of inter-connection, flexibility, and the unexpected 'Aha!'”— Chris Anderson, TED Curator

Over a million new users a month, more than one prezi created every second.

"More dynamic presentations." — The New York Times

"A marvelous approach to the visualization of information." — Rob Campbell, Founder, PowerPoint

Join the Prezi revolution, today!
Extra Tools
Vialogues is an online community where people can upload videos and then have discussions. You can make your videos private or public.

Use to spark discussion and enrich your class
Provide a out of class opportunity for students to comment on material
Allow students to find and share video data for research, discussion, questions, etc.
This is a visual mind-mapping tool. You can use it to link images, text, word documents, video, etc.

Use it to:
Present content to your class
Have your students develop a presentation
Review for a test
Collaborate to cover content
Popplet is an awesome, interactive way to brainstorm and create other mind maps. It’s also a great way to organize your information.
Use Popplet to…
Make connections between different texts
Organize information for a research project
Compare and Contrast anything!
An online interactive map where you can upload pictures, documents, voice recordings, or videos that relate to a location.
You can also create presentations that show something as it changes through time. (the moustache through time)

Use for:
Geography: have students upload research about a place that you assign
English: Learn about the setting of a story
Take virtual tours

DocsTeach is a website put together by the National Archives Experience.
You can browse thousands of primary documents, build your own activities, or choose from the library of available activities
Use this to…
Test students prior knowledge of a certain historical event
Introduce a new historical topic
iWitness was created by the University of South Carolina. This project compiled thousands of first account videos from witnesses of the Holocaust and made them searchable.
Use to:
Connect literature to informational “text” in the form of video clips (themes)
Research Holocaust
Utilize lesson resources created for educators
No registration = video clips only
Register = lessons, full testimonials, full access
• Creately is a great site for drawing flowcharts, mind maps, diagrams or just about anything to help you visually solve a problem.
• Gives your presentations, reports and webpages a professional touch.
Use it to:
• Team Collaboration, Project Management
• Beautiful Diagram
• Work is available online and offline
How to Smile
This website is full of ready-to-use science and math activities!
Easily search hundred of printable activities for all grade levels
Create your own list of activities you use often
Use it to…
Study the ocean
Learn about DNA!
Find EXCELLENT lab and science fair projects
What is a "wiki"?

A wiki is a space on the Web where you can share work and ideas, pictures and links, videos and media — and anything else you can think of. Wikispaces is special because we give you a visual editor and a bunch of other tools to make sharing all kinds of content as easy for students as it is for their teachers.

- Great tool for Classroom Blogs and Student Book Studies
An online hub for all things related to endangered, threatened, and extinct species. Has video, audio, photos, and film.
Great for science!
Use as a resource for a research project (WOW)
Use online lesson plans
Endangered species of the week
Use in geography when exploring different continents
Use as inspiration in art or for creative writing
*This resource list was made made possible with help from the American Association of School Librarians.
For more information go to: http://www.ala.org/aasl/guidelinesandstandards/bestlist/bestwebsitestop25
Keep Calm....and Read On
• http://creately.com
• Creately is a great site for drawing flowcharts, mind maps, diagrams or just about anything to help you visually solve a problem.
• Gives your presentations, reports and webpages a professional touch.
Use it to:
• Team Collaboration, Project Management
• Beautiful Diagram
• Work is available online and offline
• Free online research, note taking and annotation tool.
• Students can read articles online, insert post-it notes to annotate the text, bookmark, highlight and easily share their notes with others.
• Diigo makes to possible to teach students how to effectively manage digital resources and meet reading standards.
• Create student accounts for entire class.
• Lots of great useful features.
Kahn Academy
Khan Academy - Thousands of video tutorials explaining mathematical concepts and practice problems available to support students in developing their understanding of math.

“Mathematically proficient students consider the available tools when solving a mathematical problem… They are able to use technological tools to explore and deepen their understanding of concepts” (Common Core Standards).
•Was created to help teachers use YouTube videos to educates, engage and inspire their students.
•Teachers can also signup to become part of the YouTube Teachers Community.
•Includes over 700,000 high quality educational videos.
Please note: Even though a team of teachers add the latest and greatest educational videos on every subject- it would be best to preview all videos before showing to your classes.
Flipped Classroom
*This site is maintained by Jerry Overmyer and is devoted to teaching educators how to use screencasting to flip your classroom. This method of learning is the brainchild of Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams who are pioneers in the field of using screencasting in education.

*The flipped classroom model encompasses any use of using Internet technology to leverage the learning in your classroom, so you can spend more time interacting with students instead of lecturing. This is most commonly being done using teacher created videos (aka vodcasting) that students view outside of class time.

*It is called the flipped class because the whole classroom/homework paradigm is "flipped". What used to be classwork (the "lecture") is done at home via teacher-created videos and what used to be homework (assigned problems) is now done in class.
-If internet issues arise at school and you do not have access to your U drive…what do you do?
-Tired of emailing your files or carrying that thumb drive from home and school?
-Do you wish you could collaborate and have lessons to share with other teachers in the district?
-DROPBOX is the solution! And it is FREE!
-Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!
-Any file you save to Dropbox also instantly saves to your computers, phones, and the Dropbox website.
-Create folders to share with others, save your U drive folders and have your pic’s uploaded all one site!
-Easy step by step setup!
Google Docs and Forms – Shared documents are perfect for group collaboration on a piece of writing. Forms can be used to create specific forms and rubrics to help students provide each other with quality feedback.
- You will need a Gmail Account to use GoogleDocs
• http://creately.com
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