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FFA Soundtrack

No description

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of FFA Soundtrack

Good Time
Flowers for Algernon Soundtrack
How it Relates to Our Book:
- This song says that "It's always a good time" which was how Charlie felt before he had the surgery. He thought the world was a happy world and everything was nice.P.S This also was when he had the most innocence.
This is the Flowers for Algernon soundtrack. We have 12 songs that our group thinks that is the best fit the most important events in the book. The songs in this soundtrack relate to various scenes in the text and we will elaborate on each scene.
By Owl City feat. Carly Ray Jepsen
How it Relates to Our Book:
- When Charlie is about to get the surgery, he is very happy and he seems like he's in top spirits and nothing can bring him down. "Can't bring me down my level's too high!" is one of the lines in this song that relates to his attitude before the surgery.*The reason Charlie is always happy is because he is too mentally challenged to understand whats going on.
By Pharrel Williams
Hello There!!!!
How it Relates to Our Book:
-In the book,there are a lot of moments where Charlie has flashbacks about his past and childhood. It shows him cover his ears and curl up when ever there is a fight *
him. The little boy in the song does it too. It says "When your word mean nothing,I cover up my ears like a kid....."
by Naughty Boy
How it Relates to Our Book:
In the movie
, Anna sings this when she finally gets to go outside the castle walls, which is what metaphorically to Charlie's mind when he gets the operation. At the beginning of the song, she is still in the castle, which symbolizes Charlies mind during the operation. But at the end of the song, Anna finally gets outside similar to how Charlie is suddenly given more knowledge.
By Christen Bell ft Idena Mizell
For the First Time in Forever
La La La
How it Relates to Our Book:
- When Algernon dies, charlie has a mock funeral for him, where he buries him, and taps is a funeral song that describes how Charlie is feeling and how he thinks Algernon as a real person.
How it Relates to Our Book:
- it says in the song that "these places and these faces are getting old, so I'm going home", which is the mindset of charlie when he goes to warren state home (it also says "I'm going home to the place where I belong")
By Chris Daughtry
How it Relates to Our Book:
- When Charlie finds out that he will loose his intelligence, he tells Alice , and this song is a dialogue-like song, and it says where all the bad things in "new" charlie are hiding ("that's where my demons hide"). It also relates to how the Old Charlie is always inside of Charlie and when he tries to love Alice, Old Charlie doesn't let him.
By Imagine Dragons
How it Relates to Our Book:
- When Charlie finds out that Old Charlie is still in his head, he notices that he isn't actually gone yet, he's just simply waiting. Seeing this Charlie knows that sooner or later, his mental state will start to deteriorate which relates to one part of the rap.
By Eminem feat. Rihanna
How it Relates to Our Book:
- When Charlie starts having feelings for Alice Kinnian, he gets confused about his feelings. Since he is just starting to develop emotionally he is still immature. Also, even though he didn't notice yet, the old Charlie who was still in his head was preventing him from loving Alice.
By John Legend
How it Relates to Our Book:
- This relates because it shows us the time when charlie felt as if nothing could bring him down.He had both his rabbit foot and horseshoe in his hand like a little kid.He had hopes and dreams for the future.This song shows the uplifted spirit of Charlie Gordon.
By American Authors
How it Relates to Our Book:
- This song relates to the part in our book when Charlie finally beats Algernon at the maze. He finally feels like the experiment is working out and he feels like he can do anything.

By The Script
How it Relates to Our Book:
-at the beginning of the song, the feeling for the two people in the song have feeling for each other, kind of like how Charlie and Alice Kinnian's feeling for each other grow, then the feeling for the people in the song grows, same as the feelings between Charlie and Alice grow.
By Thompson square
Hall of Fame
Are you gonna Kiss me or Not
*important to know
I'm going home
All of Me

Best Day of My Life
How it Relates to Our Book:
This is supposed to SHOW RELATIONSHIPS

By:ViVi Arjack
Original song
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