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Dewitt Clinton

No description

Marissa Garcia

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of Dewitt Clinton

DeWitt Clinton
By: Marissa Garcia & Jessica Aguilar

Background History
Promoted the idea of the Erie Canal
Finished in 1825
connected NY and Atlantic to Great Lakes
Free and Public Education
Reformed Criminal Law
Helped make Wall Street
Promoted Cultural Insitutions
Defeated in 1812 Election
James Madison
1811- failed to secure federal aid
with Governer Morris
Financial Affairs
Refusal to run in 1822 election
Remove voting restrictions against Roman Catholics
Left Family without funding
wasnt properly buried until over 20 years after death
Born March 2nd, 1769
Little Britain, NY
Martha Franklin
10 kids
Catherine Jones 1819
James Clinton (father)

Kingston Academy
Columbia College (studied law)

Senator (1802)
Ran for president (1812)
Elected Gov. of NY (1817)
Our Judgement
Really positive for minorities
Devoted to better government
Devoted for better nation
Devoted life to politics and government
Good at what he does
Not good enough
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