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Leader: Larzette Hale

No description

Jennifer Z

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Leader: Larzette Hale

Your Field of Study
One of the reasons why I chose to study accounting in DeVry, is because it is a job that requires a lot of intellectual work such as organization which I am skilled at.

Your Field of Study
Who is Larzette Hale?
Who is Larzette Hale?
Larzette Hale
Team: CPA's
Jennifer Zelaya & Sandra Arevalo
June 19, 2013
Professor Davis

This project is about identifying a person within our group’s field of study who is a great example of a leader, in order to analyze and define leadership skills.
I expect to complete my Accounting course and obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in about four years from now, and if I can I hope graduate earlier.
Leader: Larzette Hale, the first African American female CPA with a Ph.D. in Accounting.
Who is Larzette Hale?
Accountant, Association Chief Executive
Birth place:
Idabel, Oklahoma United States
Strawberry Shortcake
Quote: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Larzette Hale is the first Black female CPA with a Ph.D. in accounting.
The 17th International President of Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Sorority, Inc.
Was appointed by the governor of Utah to the State’s Committee on Cultural Awareness.
(" business makers:," 2008)
We chose Larzette Hale as a leader for the accounting field because she not only represents the adversities that African Americans faced but those of women as well.
Define Your Leadership Qualities

Critical thinker
Risk Taker
Prefer working Alone
Don't like leading
Giving out orders

My personal strengths are important and can support my success. By knowing my strengths and weaknesses I am able to gauge what I can undertake and know when I need help.
Define your Leadership Qualities
One of my personal strengths as a leader is I am able to think critically most of the time no matter what the situation is, enabling me to make the best decisions possible. I learned this through the many assessments I was required to take for class. (Sherfield & Moody, 2011)
Is Larzette Hale a great leader?
Larzette Hale and her colleagues took a stand against discrimination and taught society that regardless of the skin color, they could also become successful CPA’s as said in “White, Collar Profession”. (Hammond, 2002)
(2008, july 16). Aka photos 026 [Print Photo]. Retrieved from http://www.thehistorymakers.com/special-collections/alpha-kappa-alpha-sorority

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business makers: larzette hale-wilson. (2008, March 17). Retrieved from http://www.thehistorymakers.com/biography/larzette-hale-wilson-44

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102-105). Chapel Hill: Univ of North Carolina Press.

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Sherfield, R. M., & Moody, P. G. (2011). Cornerstone: creating success through positive change. (6th ed.). Boston: Pearson Education, Inc.

I decided to pursue the accounting career based on twelve years of experience gained working for a CPA firm, it was then when I realized I needed to get strong credentials.
I expect to obtain a bachelor's degree in accounting in four years, get a master's degree after and finally prepare for the CPA exam.
Define your Leadership Qualities

Sense Of Humor
Positive Attitude
Ability to inspire
Time Management
Decision Making
Computer Literate
(aubry, Dr. larzette g. hale)
("Aka photos 026," Aka photos 026)
Define your Leadership Qualities
I believe that every leader has different styles to make the best of them. I would say mine consists of communicating, I strongly believe that communication builds bridges of better understanding among people.
I have learned to become a good listener, to understand people’s different points of view, I also try to give the best advices when people ask so we can all discuss what suits better for any type of situation and most important giving positive complements will bring back excellent collaboration
Wrap up your ideas
Larzette Hale has taught us that success goes beyond possibilities; anything is possible we just need to believe that a positive attitude will definitely change our journey in life.

What have you learned from this research?
How do we know if someone is a great leader? What are some of the characteristics and skills a true leader must have? How have they influenced others?
These are some the questions you must ask in order to find a real leader.

Thesis: Larzette Hale is a strong and influential leader not only for those in the accounting field, But for anyone who is trying to accomplish their goals.
Characteristics of an effective leader
Leader Qualities:
“One of the things that people learned in my days was how to be alone. Blacks had to realize that they were not going to be accepted widely and you had to have a good attitude towards that feeling” (Hammond, 2002)
("hale-wilson_larzette_wm," hale-wilson_larzette_wm)
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