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Reflections - EDLA 615

No description

Gitel Itzkowitz

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Reflections - EDLA 615

By: Gitel Itzkowitz New Literacies Work Discussion with ELA Teachers Conclusion I worked on various assignments and presentations this semester, all demonstrating different ways of using technology as an educational tool. The UDL Book builder was one and the Digital Storytelling project was, amongst others, another. One of my favorites was Glogster, which allowed me, as the teacher, to map out my lesson on the five senses in an exciting and creative manner. Probably the most crucial work I produced this semester was the lesson we had to plan and implement in the classroom, since we had to use new literacies and got to see first hand how it can effect the classroom. Throughout this course, I've discussed new literacies with different ELA teachers and what I've discovered was the necessity of a paradigm shift in the schools that I've dealt with, since most seem to be stuck on the ideas of traditional teachings that involve little or no technology. However, there were some teachers, especially the instructor I observed and worked with, who embraced new technologies and saw the potential the tools had to make their lessons more effective and enjoyable. The instructor I worked with and interviewed really enjoyed the use of Quantam pads from Leapfrog as it doesn't require Internet , which isn't allowed in her school. Reflection on Language Arts and Technology This course was very clear and engaging, and introduced me to many new innovative concepts regarding education. We Stuck to the syllabus at all times, and by doing so, I learned a lot about new literacies and all that it entails. The weekly assignments and interactive blog helped the course flow along smoothly and I was always able to look back at my work and learn from my peer's as well. Learning about ICTs, which range from tools like Voicethread and websites such as Edmodo, introduced me to a whole new way of learning that is contemporary,motivational and educational. I learned how important it is to teach new literacies to kids today since it is with these skills that they will succeed in both the present and the future. Introduction All in all, I've really gained a lot from this course and have definitely amassed a lot of new knowledge that leads me towards my goal of becoming a certified educator. The discussions with my peers and the ability to share and view everyone's input on the blogs helped broaden and clarify my understanding of many things we've learned in this course. I hope everyone enjoyed this semester as much as I did and I wish everyone lots of luck with all of their future endeavors.
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