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No description

Kate Paulley

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Defunct

Where are we? Are we nearly there? Where's the path? Let's talk about social media What's going on out there? Facebook Twitter YouTube Blog 180,000 'followers' 700,000 fans
204m friends of fans 8 million 'lifetime views' Health conscious public
Consumers Our strategy is to provide informative content that builds credibility We have so
much more planned! We need to engage, excite, interact, & reward! Encourages participation and consumption
Elite judging team
Contest with prize (great for DS & public)
Reason to return
Enlists help from friends, family and those not associated with Herbalife Herbalife Shake It Your Way Contest Evaluate EVERYTHING! Fully moderated & legally compliant. Social Media | June 2013 In the middle = our audience Who is our audience? Training videos | handouts | clinics Constant evolution & improvement More exclusives
More incentives
More for Distributors More sharing Increased
interactivity More joy Then... Now... Local Activity Drove engagement through giveaways reaching beyond our core audience and achieving 32,404 clicks Average engagement 1.7% - Our engagement 4.70% Events Blogs Campaigns Q&As Contests Infographics & Vlogs Our Summit photos on Facebook generated 224,996 Engaged Users (translation = people who clicked to look at our official pics) and 39,648 likes, shares and comments. That gives us a 6.5% interaction rate for this series of images. On March 15th, Beachbody got 0.5% interaction on a photo album showing their recent weight loss contest winners and 1.07 on a post asking people to like to enter a contest. Avon Mary Kay Herbalife ViSalus we can and will improve.
Our next milestone: 1 million fans! Look at Pepsi as an example - they climbed from 800k likes to 16m last month These bumps show where each company has spent money to build followers. Our growth has been steady and 'organic' to date. This is impressive but... Avon Mary Kay Herbalife ViSalus We have tripled the size of our main Twitter account but we also have regional accounts organized by language and that brings our total Twitter followers to over 180,000 Top 10 videos this year Nutrition articles - 2010
Fitness articles - 2012
Beauty articles - 2013... Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese versions coming soon! 2 million'pageviews' Social Media Growth Twitter Growth Jan 11 Jun 11 Jan 12 Jun 12 Jan 13 Jun 13 46% growth in last 6 months YouTube Growth Jan 11 Jun 11 Jan 12 Jun 12 Jan 13 Jun 13 66% growth in last 6 months 9,000,000 180,000 5,000 120,000 Jan 11 Jun 11 Jan 12 Jun 12 Jan 13 Jun 13 500,000 200,000 700,000 Facebook Jan 11 Jun 11 Jan 12 Jun 12 Jan 13 Jun 13 1,000,000 400,000 2,000,000 Blog 5,000,000 1,000,000 Previously, the approach was disjointed. Now, all our regions are climbing together and benefiting from shared ideas and experiences, audiences Visitors to our blog are English speakers and the top 10 visitor markets are USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Malaysia, Ireland, South Africa, Philippines, Netherlands. Our top 10 Twitter languages are English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese Our top 10 fan markets are USA, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, Venezuela, Italy, Indonesia, Colombia, India, Turkey Our top 10 viewer markets are USA, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Colombia, Italy, Spain, India, Venezuela, Argentina Total external mentions of 'Herbalife' on social media in May 2013 = 203,489. That means that over 200 thousand people felt moved to write about our company last month. Federal holiday weekend Nice weekday/weekend rise and fall External brand mentions = 203,489 in May 3013 Twitter Facebook Everything else: Instagram, Pinterest, forums, blogs, videos, images... Twitter = 70% of mentions Facebook = 26% of mentions Positive & neutral mentions = 98% EN, ES & BRPT = 90% of all mentions 36% growth in last 6 months 84% growth in last 6 months
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