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Ancient Civilizations

M.Ö ? - M.S 476

Oytun Demircan

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Civilizations

The Mayas The Incas 1) The Olmecs
2) The Toltecs The Kingdom
of Carthage Egypt Roman Empire Ancient Macedonia The Etrusks Phoenicia Hittites Indus Valley Civilization Chinese Empire The Turks The Vikings The Lost Continent Mu(Lemuria) James Churchward 1851-1936 -The People of the Country of Rubber -Archaeologists found total 206 artworks, and 110 artworks are anthromorphic. The Olmecs The Toltecs -The masters of construction -Toltecs were an advanced civilization -20.000 years ago -BC 1200 – BC 500 4x91 = 364 364+1 = 365 Remus and Romulus -Migrated from Anatolia to Italy -Genetic similarities between of
Turks and Etrusks are %98.2 -Root are based to Trojan -III. Alexandros -From Macedonia to India -2. Widest Country -North of Greece -Was founded in Tunis (BC. 814) -Colony of Phoenicia -"New City" -Sea Trade and Strong Navy 2. Punic Wars The Port of Carthage The God of Farming -Upper and Lower Egypt -Protected by Nature -They had efficient lands -They believed in Polytheistic religion -Bequeathed many artworks and Pyramids Giza Pyramids II. Ramses -Mummification -Wars with Hittites -They were founded in BC. 3000 -Trade with Egypt and became
Trade Centre -Developed the alphabet Alphabet Phoenician Merchants -Was founded in BC. 2000 in Anatolia -Contain a lot of culture -Capital City was Hattushash -Council "Pankush" Kadesh Peace Treaty Twelve Gods Summers -Founded writing -Genesis and The Flood
were seen first time Assyrians -Great Warriors -Conquered Mesopotamia, Anatolia
and Egypt -Widest country in Mesopotamia Tower of Babel The Hanging Gardens
of Babylon -Was founded in BC. 3300 -Successful in farming -Most important product was Ivory -They were polytheistic -Their alphabet still unresolved -Was founded by Qin Dynasty -A lot of Feudal Lords -Emperor combined them -They fought with Turks -Upper level in technology, philosophy and art of war -Still live in same area. Confucius is the most important person Astronomer, philosopher and teacher BC 551 - BC 479 -Bering Stait remained under water -The first word of "Turk"
was seen in Gokturks -They were great warriors -Animal Husbandry and Hunting
-They were nomad Atilla
434–453 Babylon Empire -Was discovered by James
-Place where beginning of the
-They were monothestic
-Sank 12.000 years ago with 60 million people
-After they have spread all over the world -In India
-Learnd from Monk Rishi's tablets
-Learned Naga-Maya languages and
they translated the tablets In Pacific Ocean Swastika Ancient Space Capsule Sculpture Ancient Plane Sculpture -They were advenced civilization.
-They lived Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.
-They were successful about Astronomy, Mathematic, Architecture and Art
-They found a calendar.
-They had a lot of traditional languages Mayans -The first civilization in South America.
-Polytheistic religion.
-Incas build their cities top of the mountains.
-Machu Picchu is the post popular one.
-There are natural magnetic current.
-There are base of aliens tens of thousands of years ago. -Vik means “river” in Old Norwegian, also Wic comes from Old English, it means “camper”.
-They lived between of 8-11. Century in Northern Europe.
-Sailor and the Great Warriors; also they almost conquered all over the Northern Europe.
-Aancestors of Normans.
-Normans come from “North Man” Runic Stones -The Rome was founded by Remus and Romulus.
-They have been followed Ancient Greek culture.
-Law, war, art, technology and architecture.
-They had a governance style which much closer to the republic, it is called senate.
-1200 years, 5.000.000 kilometres Hannibal Palanque Stones Thank you for your patience 91x4=364 364+1=365
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