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Resume 101 - How to Construct Your Basic Resume - by Albert Cruz

A step by step guide through the KEY ELEMENTS of a thorough yet concise resume. This is not exhaustive but will hopefully give you a firm grasp on how to construct/adjust your resume from a EVALUATORS perspective. For College students or recent Grads

Albert Cruz

on 12 February 2016

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Transcript of Resume 101 - How to Construct Your Basic Resume - by Albert Cruz

Resume Essentials
Current Contact Information
-- Relevant Coursework
Leadership & Affiliations
-- Interests are optional
Example 1
Example 2
Resume 101
Contact Information
- Reasonably sized name
- Current mailing address
-- permanent mailing address **optional**
- Mobile/Home/Cell phone number
- Personal/School email address
-- email name should be simple
Function of a Resume
- Presents your best Professional/Academic Self
-- Advertises your Education & Experiences
- Concisely guides the interviewer
-- formatted & spaced well
- Starts a conversation based on your:
-- quantifiable & qualitative experiences
-- current abilities -- future capabilities
-- accomplishments -- passion/desire
Common Resume Pitfalls
- Errors & inconsistencies:
-- grammatical -- typos -- formatting
-- alignment -- dates -- font sizes/styles
- Objective [not needed]
- High School Information [not needed]
- Exaggerations
- Dates: January 2009 – 7/2009
- Correct/consistent verb tense
- Must list:
-- cumulative GPA
-- expected Graduation: [Month, Year]
- Helpful to list school related honors, scholarships, relevant coursework, etc.
- Any study abroad, previous colleges, research roles or certificates can be listed
- Courses should:
-- be transferable to the desired role
-- show advanced abilities/knowledge
- Course purpose must be clear to:
-- a professional in your field
-- somebody not at your university
Relevant Coursework
- Experiences should be paid or professionally related
- Quantify (i.e., 10 sales, 35% increase, $500 in revenue)
- Start with an 1) action-verb that describes 2a) what you did or 2b) how you did something then state the 3a) purpose or 3b) result if necessary
- Do not overkill an experience
-- 3 to 4 bullets is sufficient
- Less is more & white space is your friend
- Describe your direct contribution
- Use Action verbs
-- Avoid repetitiveness
Work Experience
- Volunteerism, mentoring, activities & leadership (student org or Greek)
-- Consolidate multiple roles in the same organization
-- Concentrate on your most important or recent roles
- Qualify and Quantify
-- represent digits appropriately (i.e., round and use commas)
Leadership & Affiliations
- List basic, relevant, & advanced computer capabilities
-- level of knowledge can be helpful
- List comprehension level of foreign languages
- Interests can be listed **Optional**
In Closing
Thank you for your time!
Let's take a closer look
Quantifying gives the interviewer perspective
Give the Interviewer perspective
Typical Scenario (Feels Like an Interview)
Best Scenario (Feels Like a Conversation)
Question 1: What did you sell at ABC?
Answer: I sold widgets at ABC everyday after school
Question 2: How much did you sell at ABC?
Answer: I made 20+ sales weekly bringing in $200 in revenue. I sold the most out of my 5-person team and I was awarded employee of the year!
Question 3: Wow, what did you do that made you the #1 seller out of your team?
Answer: I created XYZ strategy and introduced it to my team.... etc.
(Next Question)
Out of Time...
What happens when you Don't Quantify
What happens when you DO Quantify
Question 1: I see that you were a top performer at ABC?
Answer: Thank you, I really enjoyed working at ABC. I was even awarded employee of the year because I sold the most out of my 5-person team and created the XYZ strategy for my team.
Question 2: Wow, can you tell me a little more about the XYZ strategy that you introduced to your team?
Answer: Absolutely, I created the XYZ strategy based on my experience....etc.
etc... etc....
Conclusion: Sounds like a great experience
Natural Next Question
Presented by:
Albert Cruz
Less is more – resume is meant to clearly highlight your accomplishments to start a fluid conversation
Know the content of your resume in detail
- have a concise story for all your experiences
-- practice, practice, practice!
Please thoroughly revise using your best judgment
- be confident in your final revisions
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