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Modifiers and Appositives

No description

Brett Goodman

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Modifiers and Appositives

Modifiers and Appositives Modifiers are words,
phrases, or clauses that
provide description
in sentences. Characteristics
Appositives Appositives ad details to or replace the noun by naming it or adding a characteristic. Appositives are a noun or noun phrase that renames a noun next to it. Modifiers can be words or phrases. Modifiers are essential tools to be an effective and interesting writer. Modifiers add details to sentences to grab the reader and add interest.

"Bitter rain." Characteristics
Modifiers EX.Phrase
"To get through his three-hour biology lab." EX:noun:
My friend, David, is a moron. EX: noun phrase
David, my stupid friend, likes pizza. Appositives are nouns
or nouns phrases that
modify the noun
its next to. Bitter adds detail to the rain to make the sentence more interesting This adds detail to the biology lab and makes the dislike of it known better "David" modifies "my friend",
gives a name and changes the noun. The Appositive is usualy
separated from the rest
of the sentence by comas. Buddy, Diane's eleven-year-old beagle,
chews holes in the living room carpeting
as if he were still a puppy. Examples: Angered by the man, the Cop scribbled 3 tickets to him. The Appositive can begin,
interrupt,or end the sentence. When the appositive begins the sentence:

A hot-tempered tennis player,
Robbie charged the umpire and tried to
crack the poor man's skull with a racket interrupts the sentence:

Robbie, a hot-tempered tennis player,
charged the umpire and tried to crack
the poor man's skull with a racket. ends the sentence:

Upset by the bad call, the crowd cheered
Robbie, a hot-tempered tennis player
who charged the umpire and tried to
crack the poor man's skull
with a racket. THE END!
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