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Copy of Variables

Explanation of Independent Variables, Dependent Variables and Controls within and experiment.

Doug Means

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Variables

Variables factor, trait or condition Cause and Effect Independent Variable Dependent Variable Controlled Variables Examples One that actively contributes to an accomplishment, result, or process A distinguishing feature One that restricts or modifies another If something happen, then something else will happen
Action Reaction The factor you change in an experiment the factor, or outcome, that will be measured - the change seen Effect of Light Color on Plant Growth:
A scientists wants to know if different light colors will have an effect on plant growth - will a plant grow better in different color lights?
What does the scientists need to find out this answer? Materials Needed:
One type of plant seed - 5 of them
The same size and style of pot
the exact same type and amount of soil in each pot
each plant/pot needs the exact same environment to grow in = same size box enclosed so no other light can get in
each box should have the exact same size light bulb
everyday at the same time the lights need to be turned on and at the same time the lights should be turned off
everyday at the exact time each plant should receive the exact same amount of water
measuring device - everyday at the same time the plant height should be measured and recorded List the variables:
amount of light
amount of dirt
amount of water
how deep is the seed planted
color of the light
space provided
pot size Which variables can change? what cause are we changing? IF this happens...
Independent Variable What's going to happen because of the thing we changed? ...then this happens - dependent variable The part of the experiment that is carried out with all factors normal or nothing changed from normal. how the plant grows might change! A constant is... the factors that do not change
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