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AVIDly engaged

Can you survive the Curve of Forgetting?

Julie Endersbe

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of AVIDly engaged

The Curve of Forgetting AVIDly engaged ... Curve of Forgetting Retention Rates after a Lecture Formula to Increase Memory
10 -- 24 -- 7 10 minutes later:
Review notes within 10 minutes of lecture

24 hours later:
Review notes for 10 minutes

7 days later:
Review notes for 5 minutes

Anytime after -- review notes for
2 to 4 minutes. Six Step Note Taking Process 1) Recording

2) Reviewing

3) Formulating questions (write a
question you might see on a test)

4) Summarizing

5) Revising

6) Reciting Good Note Taking CORNELL NOTE TAKING NOTE-TAKING - Initial notes from lecture

NOTE-MAKING - Revising, Making notes
on your notes

INTERACTING - Formulating questions,

REFLECTING - Summarizing, Reciting Immediately
after the
lecture: Two days
without looking
at notes 30 days
looking at
notes 100% 20%
to 50% 3% No notes or fragmented notes - retain 59% of content note taking & summarizing requires greater comprehension through analysis
(substituting, deleting, keeping, structure of info)

verbatim is ineffective (no processing)

teachers provide time to review notes
great transition from passing time to class
compare notes with another student
highlight key points
add notes in case they missed something Great Strategy for students
with ADD/ADHD --
the review "fills"
their neurological gaps Ends with poor test performance People Like Me ... *Mirrors how brain processes info...
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