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Style of communication

No description

Trey Mattson

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of Style of communication

Once the the characteristics of a Senator is spotted. You should:

Observe him in more than one setting
keep your points short ( they tend to tone you out vary quickly)
Avoid taking everything personality.

How to take on a senator
Characteristics of Senator
Listens as a Reflective
Style of Communication
By: Trey Mattson, Wylie Jones, Seliina Toy
He makes a conscious effort to control the environment
Thinks about the situation, who are they are speaking with and the proper style.
Example of Senator
How it shouldn't be used
Allow people to open up, with a positive management skill.
Speaks as a Noble
Believing in a person should say exactly what he or she feels.
Tends to be unconcerned with the feelings of others
Tend to be impatient when listening to others
How to communicate effectively with a Senator ?
Take a Guess
Have an excellent ability to recall details
How often it's being used
Arguments made between a student and a teacher
political debates
Any type of arguments
Allow the Senator to speak first. Facts not
Hold back information,avoid the senator to take advantage you.
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