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Ms. Freiler's Elements of Fiction Project

No description

Amanda Freiler

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Ms. Freiler's Elements of Fiction Project

Ms. Freiler's
Elements of Fiction Project:
The Three Little Pigs

Point of View
- Third person omniscient
- Narrator is not a character in the story
- Readers can hear thoughts of Pigs and Wolf

- This point of view makes the conflict more intense because the reader can tell how determined the Wolf is and how frightened the pigs feel.
- The Big, Bad Wolf
- Loves to eat pigs
- Is very determined

- If he weren't so determined, he would give up; that would lessen the conflict
Characters, Conflict, Setting & Point of View
- Three pig brothers
- Two are lazy
- One is hardworking

- If all of the Pigs were lazy, the Wolf would win, and that would be a sad story.
- If all of the pigs were hardworking, there would be no conflict.
- If the Wolf was the protagonist, the story would have a different lesson
The pigs want to live happily ever after, but the Wolf wants to eat them.

I chose this conflict because it is very dramatic and frightening, and will draw in the reader.

- Once upon a time...
- The peaceful setting makes the entrance of the bloodthirsty Wolf more of a surprise.
Plot Map
- Once upon a time...
- Three little pigs live in a big house with their pig mom
- Decide it's time to go live on their own
Rising Action
- Each Pig builds a house
- Two are lazy and make flimsy houses
- One works hard to build a brick house
- Big Bad Wolf blows down first two houses and eats the Pigs inside
- Wolf tries to blow down brick house but can't
The Wolf jumps down the chimney of the brick house, right into boiling water!
Falling Action
The Wolf dies. The Pig has his mother over, and she congratulates him for being a hard worker.
The last little pig lives happily ever after...although he does miss his brothers.
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