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Chinese Foot Binding

pd. 10

Kyle Arentz

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Chinese Foot Binding

Chinese Foot Binding
Kyle Arentz
Pd. 10 Foot Binding was a sign of
wealth in ancient China It represented that you
were wealthy enough to
pay someone to take care
of you. About 2 billion women were
subject to this from the late
10th century till 1949 40- 50% of the women were bound
in the 19th century X-Ray Special silk slippers were worn
called the Lotus
There was a walk that was
known as the Lotus Gait
and was said to be sexually
exiting to men. Some women bound their own feet
so they could marry into money.
This woman
started binding
her feet when
she was 7yrs. old. Binding started between
ages 3 and 14. Feet were usually bound
starting in the winter months
because feet were numb
and was not as painful. Foot would be first soaked
in warm mixture of animal
blood and herbs to soften
foot and aid in binding. Then cut toenails back to prevent
infection before the feet were wrapped
so the toes were curled and bound
tightly to the bottom of the foot
until they were broken.
The broken toes were
then tightly bound to the
sole of the foot wrapping
bandage around the toes
and the heel of the foot. The foot was continually bandaged
and checked up on to watch for
infection; such as gangrene. Feet could also get
gangrene which
caused a lot of
women to die.
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