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Drew & Nick, 2010 in Review

No description

Drew Banks

on 2 January 2011

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Transcript of Drew & Nick, 2010 in Review

After celebrating his good friend Chip's 50th @ Burning Man, Drew returns to SF excited to have finally hired a new CEO @ Pie. On his 2nd day, the new CEO promptly lays Drew off. Gives new meaning to the aphorism "Watch what you ask for!" September
(Highs and Lows) January
(Ch-ch-ch-changes) After drastic 2009 yearend changes at Pie, Drew takes on more responsibility and heads to CES for key vendor meetings. We kick of the year celebrating our friend Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis' appointment as US Ambassador to Hungary. Nick lays out a yearlong study schedule for his December 2010 boards. Drew completes his 1-year blogging experiment with a final and apropos post: The Economics of Piracy. Pie closes a $6MM Series B. February
(The Ties that Bind) March
(The Ides) Pie Board members Jason, Jason, and Sebastian assess the latest Pie demo. Nick and his great aunt Jolanka. Nick and Mike fortunately took this trip just before Jolanka died. Nick and his dad visit Hungary—Mike's first trip back since his family fled the war when he was two. April
(April Showers...) Stressed out from studying and work, Nick and I are both sick on our long-awaited vacation to Palm Springs. Still, we enjoy watching our friends cavort. Above pic is of Erich's light-piped party pants. May
(49 & Counting) Nick and I head north to celebrate the last year of Drew's first half-century. June
(Lock and Load) June is a stressful blur that includes a tortuous negotiation for additional financing @ Pie, a frantic company-wide furlough, and Nick's amped-up study schedule. July
(A Place in the Sun) An incredible vacation on Lake Powell Drew cliff diving! August
(Going to the Chapel) Paul & Jess's Wedding. The cutest best man ever! Drew as a minister??? Now, that's a great wedding photo! October
(Old and New) November
(A Stranger Calls) Embracing the funemployed crowd, Drew fills his days writing a new book proposal and taking Finnish disco lessons. Nick keeps studying. Click on video for a Finnish disco lesson! December
('Tis the Season) In a chance encounter at a networking event, Drew insisted to Prezi CEO, Peter Arvai, that he was taking 2011 off. "Just take a look at the product*," Peter asked, adding that most of the Prezi team is based in Budapest. Drew can't resist the Hungarian synchronicity and starts a rapid slide down Prezi's slippery slope.

* Prezi's groovy presentation software was used
to make this Holiday greeting. A wonderful Thanksgiving at Liberty St. Drew jets off to Europe where he joins Hungarian Prezi team for their Christmas project: the renovation of a poor family's home in a small village outside of Budapest. Nick passes his boards!!!! We celebrate this and all of our good fortune with a Boxing Day brunch. Wishing everyone a joyous 2011 Happy Holidays (Boldog vakációt)
- Drew & Nick Nick's Hungarian cousins
Virag & Csenge visit SF and have their first taste of sushi. A week later Drew is interviews at Prezi and whoops it up with Peter et. al. in Prezi's downtown SF offices. Click to see the Prezi Holiday jig (video may take a minute or so to load). http://tinyurl.com/27mtxlu Click link to read blog
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