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Globally Responsible Citizen

No description

Akesan Pirapakaran

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Globally Responsible Citizen

Globally Responsible Citizen
A globally responsible citizen is an individual who is connected with the world and treats everyone equally, not wishing to be greater success than any other group of people, culture or nation. A globally responsible citizen respects others in the world and cares for the ones in need. Him or her look at the issues such as Hunger, Education, Human Rights and take matter. A globally responsible citizen is connected with the world and brings awareness to ones in need.
We live in a world where poverty lies in one corner and wealthiness lies in the other. A world where people suffer everyday, a world where everyone isn't treated the same. Our world is so connected and we have the ability to potentially make it a better place. In order to do that we must be become Globally Responsible Citizen
What is Globally Responsible Citizen?
How do you become a Globally responsible citizen?
In order to become a Globally Responsible Citizen, you must connect with people out side your country and reach out to them. You have to become aware of the world issues and expand the definition of community. You must be fair and respect other countries rules. Joining Organization trying to build better community's and supporting art, music and culture help you become a globally responsible citizen. Another way is to support sustainable global development. Recognizing the global part of who you are is the key to ensure yourself to be a Global Citizen.
Why is it important to become a Globally Responsible Citizen?
It is important for us to become a globally responsible citizen because it gives us the ability to make the world better. An ability that allows equal rights. An ability to let children have proper education. If you become aware of an issue then it can be easily solved. Being a globally responsible citizen does not only benefit others, it also benefits you.
A video explaining what a global citizen
Together we can help change the world to be a better place. So let's all be globally Responsible Citizen.
By: Akesan
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