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Costume Design

No description

Melissa Vaughan-Kleppel

on 5 October 2018

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Transcript of Costume Design

Designers and
Part Two:
Costume Design

Functions of Costume Design
Indicate gender and reflect age
Reflect a character's psychology
Establish a social and economic status.
Identify occupation or lifestyle
Establish or clarify character relationships
Establish relative importance of characters
Establish time and place
Reflect mood and atmosphere
Establish a particular style
Reflect a formalized convention
Alter an actor's appearance
Enhance or impede movement
Underline development of the dramatic action
Create both variety and unity
The Costume Designer's Skills
Fashion designer
Visual artist
Social and Cultural historian
Art historian
Working Plans and Procedures
Preliminary Designs
Final Designs
Working Drawings
Preliminary Designs
Roughs, Inspiration boards, sketches
Final Designs
Color Renderings
Working Drawings
Sketches from various angles
Fabric swatches
Color chart
Dressing lists
Realizing the Designs
Pull from stock
Made or built
Measurements taken
Materials purchased
Patterns draped or drafted
First fitting
Final fitting
Distressing, trim, finishing
Traditionally considered the actors' responsibility
The costume designer conceives the makeup design
Professional actors generally apply their own makeup based on the desgins
Functions of Makeup
Aids expression
Restores color and form diminished by stage lighting
Indicative of performance style.
Makeup Plot
Painted Makeup
Age groups, straight or character, special effects
3-D Makeup
Prosthetic appliances, facial hair & wigs
Allows for evaluation of costumes under the lights or the distractions of performance
Dress Rehearsals
Allows for evaluation of costumes in performance conditions
The Costume Designer's Assistants:
Design Assistants
Costume Studio Staff
Wardrobe Supervisor
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