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Short Story book report


Zachariah Normile

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Short Story book report

Short Story Report By Zachariah Normile Book Information Author: Alexander Solzhenintsyn
Book Title: Stories And Proms Poems
Publisher And Publication Date: Im Interesse der Sache By Luchterhand Verlag In 1970
Translation Copy Right: Michael Glenny in 1970-1971 Examples in the stories
Literary Terms Matryona's House (Imagery)-"I was returning from the hot,dusty wastelands, making my way aimlessly back to Russia"3

For the Good of The Cause(Hyperbole)- "He's Pulling your Leg."54

The Easter Procession(Suspense)-A slight tremor runs through the crowd on both sides and the noise has died down little...129
Imagery-Fgurative language used to appeal to the senses.

Hyperbole- Statement not meant to be taken literally.

Suspense- State of excitement or anxiousness.
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