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John Dewey

No description

Katherine Bushey

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of John Dewey

John Dewey's Personal Life
What theories did John Dewey provide to the educational field?
Education must be child centered
Education must be active and interactive
Education must involve social world of the child and their community
What theories did John Dewey provide to the field of child development?
By: Katherine Bushey, Colleen Hartery, Shannon McCarthy, Kate Gaffney, Valerie Luce
John Dewey
A child's mind develops through social interaction
Children do not need activities to learn because they have an inclination to act
Education should focus on living in the present
Dewey was born in Burlington VT in 1859.
His family farmed for 3 generations.
He attended University of Vermont and married a woman named Alice Chipman in 1886.
His wife influenced his interest in education. He began to teach philosophy.
Dewey attended the University of Vermont
In 1884 he received his PhD at John Hopkins University, which led to a teaching position at the University of Michigan.
Are the theories used today in the field of child development and education?
Based on Dewey's theories, teachers plan their lessons around the interests and experiences of that particular group of children.
The teachers also use the knowledge of the children to help make sense of the world for them.
"The fundamental issue is not of new versus old education nor of progressive against traditional education but a question of what if anything whatever, must be worthy of the name Education"
-John Dewey
“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”- John Dewey
"If I were asked to name the most needed of all reforms in the spirit of education I should say: 'Cease conceiving of education as mere preparation for later life, and make of it the full meaning of the present life.'" -John Dewey
Why did this theorist study child development /education
John found the position desirable because it
was intended that he blend the teaching of
psychology and educational theory.
Have you experienced any of these theories in your education thus far?
Child Centered -
The class you're in is based on the child's capability
Active and Interactive-
The teachers need to interact with the children
Involve in social world of the child and its community-
When learning about the stuff going on around us. For example Current Events/ News
Develops threw social interaction-
Having the time to talk to their peers.
Focus on living in the present -
We learn about things in today's world.
Fun Facts
he enrolled to college when he was just 15 years old
he graduated the second in his class at the University of Vermont
he had 6 children with his wife and they also adopted another child
Dewey published over 1,000 works including, books, articles, and essays
he died of pneumonia at the age of 92
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