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Western Union Marketing Plan 2014

No description

Delmi Novelo

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Western Union Marketing Plan 2014

Western Union Marketing Plan 2014
Augment profits
Maintain Customer Loyalty
Attract New Customers
Expand the WU Brand in Belize
Participate on Social Activities
SWOT Analysis
Dominant Money Transfer Agency in Belize
Still holds a large portion of the market
Has been in existence 21 years in Belize attaining trust from Belizeans
Visibility and accessibility as we have 36 locations country wide.
Belize Bank closing down Money Gram
Chamber Card
Loyalty Program
Use of the Western Union Card
Senders (100 pts)
Transaction Tiers
0 - 200 = 3 points
201 - 800 = 5 points
801 - 1000 = 7 points
1000 - + = 10 points
Promotion for
Special Occasions
Valentines -
Restaurants, Jewelry Store, Flower Store
Mothers Day -
Jewelry Store, Spa, Clothes(make over)
Fathers Day -
Hardware Store, Spa,
Summer -
Airline Company, Bank (Cash), Pool,
Back to School -
Computer Stores, Book Store
Christmas -
Big ticket stores
Grants customers special discounts at
selected stores
BCCI Members
Fast, Reliable, Convenient, Safe
• Assist agents to redesign location
• Gain back lost market share
• Innovative loyalty programs
• Western Union Debit Card

• Lack of visit to Agent Locations/ Market research
• Lost of key agent locations
• Limited funds for marketing purposes
• Limited staff
• Parking issues (Main Office),
• Approvals for decision have to be done directly by
Western Union home base
• Zitro 13 locations
• Money Gram 19+8+3 = 30 locations
• Approval from Central Bank of Belize for
approvals for BCCI Subagents

• Money Gram
• Zitro Western Union
• Affordable taxes on sending money
• Global Economic slowdown for money transfers
• ID requirement for transactions


Identify potential Sponsors
Work Hand-in-Hand
Happy Customers more business
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