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No description

tony kirchner

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of thetis

Goddess of the sea www.pantheon.org/articles/t/thetis.html
www.theoi.com/pontios/nereisthetis.html Thetis She was the
goddess of the sea She was one of the fifty daughters of nereus and doris. thetis was born and raised in Mediterranean sea Zeus try to make thetis his
wife but once he found out
that if she had a son and it
would be strong then the
farther he gave her to a
mortal named peleus After they got married she had a son named achilles Thetis symbol was the seaweed Achilles was just like his farther he was a mortal this made Thetis very angry Thetis then tried to make her son immortal by covering him in ambrosia and burning his in to a immortal As Thetis was doing this Peleus waked in and Thetis became angry and left her husband and son Peleus then gave achilles to centaur chiron who raised the kid achilles was then turned in to a soldier and died in the Trojan war even with thetis trying to protect him
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