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Young Adult Authors to Know and Love

No description

Amanda Wilk

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Young Adult Authors to Know and Love

Gayle Forman
Tragic stories & teen travel
Swoon worthy romance, empowered females, music, art, acting, choices, change

John Green
Possibly the most famous YA author
Broad appeal (adult & teen readers)
Very intelligent teens, unexpected romance, coming of age stories

Rainbow Rowell
New and incredibly popular
Misfits, coming of age, romance, art

Contemporary Fiction
Veronica Roth
Coming of age, romance, identity, violence, loss

Patrick Ness
Multi-genre author: dystopian, supernatural, contemporary, LGBTQ...
Male protagonists, unexpected, creative, philosophical, sometimes action packed, journeys, coming of age

Robin LaFevers
Assassin nuns in 15th Century Brittany
Great for reluctant historical fiction readers
Romance, action, violence, deception

Elizabeth Wein
Very talented author of both fantasy and historical fiction
Code Name Verity
, and
Rose Under Fire
--companion novels set during WW II
Female friendship, courage, bravery, good and evil, war, darkness, hope
Fantasy and Supernatural
Melina Marchetta
Under recognized award winning fantasy and contemporary fiction author
Families, inter-generational stories, darkness & hope, resilience, friendship, love

Laini Taylor
Lush romantic fairy tales grounded in realism
Mythology, angels, demons, love, war, hate, friendship, honour, right and wrong, morality, hope, strength, bravery

Maggie Stiefvater
Mythologically grounded contemporary fantasy with romance
Varied stories--werewolves, fairies, Welsh kings, and water horses oh my!
Amanda Wilk
Young Adult Authors to Know and Love
Fast Facts
Pew reports that 16-29 year olds are the largest group checking out books from their local libraries (http://bit.ly/18fQUnQ)

According to Publishers Weekly 55% of YA books are bought by adults (http://bit.ly/1cA7G1P)

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