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Helen Robertson

on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of 'Woyzeck'

The exam: 2 hours 30 minutes
Section A = 25%
Section B = 37.5%

2014/2015 chosen set text – ‘Woyzeck’ (1836/7)
Time period 3 (1828 – 1914)

Section C = 37.5%

2014/2015 chosen live performance – Frantic Assembly’s ‘Othello’

You will see:
1) 'Woyzeck' - Splended Productions - Hazlitt Arts Centre (February)

2) 'Woyzeck' - Scene Productions - Redbridge Drama Centre, London (October)

3) 'Othello' - Frantic Assembly - Lyric, Hammersmith (January/February)
Sections A & B: Woyzeck
You will explore the play through practical workshops focusing on:
• Considering the play from the point of view of the director (Sections A & B)
• The role of the director in rehearsal (Section A)
• What directors need to do to prepare a text for production (Section A)
• How director’s handle rehearsals positively (Section A)
• How director’s bring to life an interpretation of the play (Sections A & B)
• Developing ideas for their own proposed production of the play (Section B)

Importantly, you should consider what it means to be an actor, director and designer.

Section C: 'Othello' and Elizabethan theatre
You will explore the chosen play and original performance conditions (OPC) through practical workshops focusing on:

• How a director and his/her creative team and performers have interpreted the chosen play in a contemporary performance
• Relating this experience to their understanding of the OPC

Section A is about how you find the right rehearsal techniques to make your ideas for the text work.

Section B is about explaining your ideas for a production of the play and how you will achieve them practically.

The exam
Section A: Three short questions based on an extract from the chosen play (20 marks)

Section B: One essay question from a choice of two about the set text (30 marks)

Section C: One essay question from a choice of two about a live performance related to the OPC (30 marks)

Keys to success in the exam

Thank you!
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