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Resident Advisor Duty: Getting Prepared

A brief overview of what a typical night of duty will look like for a RA on duty at DePaul University. More information on policies, procedures, and area specific tidbits will come during Fall Training in August.

Travis Whisler

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Resident Advisor Duty: Getting Prepared

Duty Notes
While On Duty
Duty Rounds
Starting Off Your Duty Night
Resident Advisor Duty: Getting Prepared
This presentation should help you start to get a grasp on what it means to be "on duty" within your role as a Resident Advisor for DePaul University.

This is typically the area where new Resident Advisor's get the most nervous... so hopefully by the end of this presentation your fear of the unknown will be reduced.
What is the Point of Duty?
Residential Education staff members facilitate duty in order to meet the needs of our residential community. While displaying visibility and availability the RA On-Duty responds to crisis related issues and supports student development through strategic interactions with residents.
What is RA Duty All About?
Duty varies from area to area in terms of how it looks and some logistical pieces. This presentation will cover general themes, but you will have area specific guidance during training in August.

MUB & UAC: One Lead RA, One Backup RA per night
CFH, CMC, Seton, UHall: One Lead RA per night (no backup)
Duty Hours
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Nights
5:00pm until 9:00am the next day

Friday and Saturday Nights
5:00pm until 5:00pm the next day

RAs are required to be in their building/area while on duty.

MUB and UAC: Backup RAs have different duty hours. Your supervisor will cover this during training.
The Administrative Processes
In ResEd we utilize an electronic duty log that you all will be given a link to during training. The duty log itself is self-explanatory. All you will need to do is fill out the requested information. All of the fields are mandatory, so you will not be able to skip ahead.

You will input information about any calls received, details about the calls, time of rounds, etc.
Until Next Time...
Hopefully this presentation helped you get a better idea of what a typical night on duty might look like. We fully recognize that new staff members might be a bit hesitant to start duty, but trust us... you will be well equipped for your many nights of duty.

As a reminder, you will be covering area specific duty topics with your respective A/RD.

See you all on Sunday, August 18th!
RA Duty
The amount of nights you will be on duty depends on the size of the staff.
There will be random days in which the University is closed, during a Monday-Friday, known as 24hr duty days. Coverage will be needed for these days in the same fashion as Friday and Saturday nights.
Duty should be a time where you are actively engaging with residents in hall/area community. If doors are open as you are walking around, pop your head in and say hello! This should also be a time where you are taking down outdated postings and taking note of any facility related concerns.
If you happen to run into any policy violations, conflicts, or crises... tap into the skills you learned during training. YOU GOT THIS!
Sunday through Thursday Duty Nights
Three rounds must be completed

Friday and Saturday Duty Nights
Four rounds must be completed
Pick up the duty phone (and bag, depending on area) by 4:45pm

Call in for duty by calling the RD Duty cell phone between 4:45pm and 5:00pm

You MUST call in for duty by using a land line phone (i.e. room phone, RD Office phone, etc.)

Update RA On Duty information at your specific hall front desk.
The Duty Log
Incident Reports
Incident reports are electronic documents that we use for any situations you encounter through the night. For example, if you have an alcohol violation while on duty you will be writing an incident report for that detailing what happened. These are then used during the judicial process.

We will go over how to properly write incident reports (IRs) during training.
The nightly duty log and any possible IRs are due to your A/RD by 9am the following business day.
Policies and Procedures
While the various policies and procedures are crucial for each of you to know to ensure a successful duty night, we are going to wait to go through each of those during training.

Don't worry... you will be well versed and ready to respond to the various situations by the time training comes to a close!
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