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Define Selection

No description

Fawad Adeel

on 31 December 2014

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Transcript of Define Selection

2. Advertisement
Selection Process
Process of Selection
1. Job analysis
5. Interview
3. Application blank/form
Candidates who have successfully cleared the test are called for an interview. The entire responsibility for conducting the interview lies with the HR department i.e. they look after the panel of interviewers, refreshments, informing candidates etc.
6. Medical examination
The candidates who have successfully cleared the interview are asked to take a medical exam. This medical exam may be conducted by the organization itself (army). The organization may have a tie up with the hospital or the candidate may be asked to get a certificate from his family doctor.
Selection Process
The process of selection is not the same in all organizations; it can be different in many organizations depending upon the nature of that organization. However, one particular type of selection is approved by most organizations; it can be explain with the help of following diagram:
Jon Analysis
Application Blank / Form
Written Test
Medical Examination
Initial Job Offer
Acceptance / Rejection Letter
Final Offer / Letter of Appointment
The very first step in the selection procedure is the job analysis. The HR department prepares the job description and specification for the jobs which are vacant. This gives details for the jobs which are vacant. This gives details about the name of the job, qualification, qualities required and work conditions etc.
Based on the information collected in step 1, the HR department prepares an advertisement and publishes it in a leading newspapers. The advertisement conveys details about the last date for application, the address to which the application must be sent etc.

Application blank is the application form to be filled by the candidate when he applies for a job in the company. The application blank collects information consisting of the following four parts:
1. Personal details
2. Educational details
3. Work experience
4. Family background

4. Written test
The applications which have been received are screened by the HR department and those applications which are incomplete are rejected. The other candidates are called for the written test. Arrangement for the written test is looked after the HR department i.e. question papers, answer papers, examination centers and hall tickets etc.
7. Initial job offer
Candidates who successfully clear the medical exam are given an initial job offer by the company stating the details regarding salary, terms of employment, employment bond if any etc. The candidate is given some time to think over the offer and to accept or reject.
8. Acceptance/ rejection
Candidates who are happy with the offer send their acceptance within a specified time limit to show that they are ready to work with the company.
9. Letter of appointment/final job offer
Candidates who send their acceptance are given the letter of appointment. The letter will state the name of the job. The salary and other benefits, number of medical leaves and casual leaves, details of employment bond if any etc. It will also state the date on which the employee is required to start duty in the company.
10. Induction
On the date of joining the employee is introduced to the company and other employees through am elaborate induction program.
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