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From Tips to Tactics

No description

chris york

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of From Tips to Tactics

Double click anywhere & add an idea Making Tips into Tactics almost anything can be made into a tactic a blog post a book a toaster actually a toaster cannot be made into a tactic,
because it's not health-related content let's take pritchett and hull... that looks suspiciously
like a tactic so let's magically transform it into a tactic david blaine the content itself can be used almost verbatim
with slight modifications to make our formatting
consistent... ... and then we just call out that tactic
we found earlier in a standard way that was easy! let's try a harder one this is healthwise copy on
carbohydrates looks like it'd
be helpful... but i can't find
a specific tactic here so let's look for something on a similar topic to find a tactic BOOM! single-sentence tactic
added to previous copy and the standard ui treatment
wraps around the text see? not so bad, even if the copy itself doesn't have
an explicit tactic called out so what did we learn? tactics are versatile so we can all stop worrying... ... by at least 5-10% the end or: how i learned to stop worrying and love tactics
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