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Global Promotion BrandHK

Edición del Prezi de Prometis Desing

Fredrik Andersson

on 29 May 2011

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Transcript of Global Promotion BrandHK

? Internal External SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Weaknesses Threats 1997 2011 1997 A Need to Restructure "Strategic Organization Review" revealed a need to restructure the Hong Kong Tourist Association, HKTA (establised in 1957). The decision to develop BrandHK was taken. HKSAR Government commissioned experts to conduct research to determine Hong Kong's core values and to develop a strategy to position the city. 2001 Brand Hong Kong was launched at the Fortune Global Forum in Hong Kong. Brand HK launched 2000 Rebranding Decision TIMELINE Noise Opportunities Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) was reconstituted from the Hong Kong Tourist Association (HKTA). 2001 HKTA Becomes HKTB 1997 The idea of "branding" Hong Kong first emerged. A HK Brand? Chief Executive Donald Tsang stated the need to revitalize the BrandHK in the Annual Policy Address. After that, a thorough review of BrandHK was undertaken. 2008-09 A Need to Revitalize? 2010 In light of the findings of the BrandHK review, adjustments were made to the core values and attributes, while the visual identity was artistically modified.

An integrated marketing communications strategy was put in place to promote the revitalised BrandHK Programme.

The updated BrandHK was relaunched on March 27, 2010 at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Relaunch of Brand HK Message Feedback Positive Donald Tsang 1. Lack of identity
Hong Kong people
Brand Hong Kong
Inability to vocalise on values
Asia’s world city
2. Conflicting and confusing messages
Brand Hong Kong
3. Poor implementation
Poor research on public opinion
Waste of resource - top down approach
Poor website
Lack of awareness of values Main Issues: Communications Model HKTB Awarded Hong Kong Tourism Board received The Pacific Asia Travel Association's (PATA) Gold Awards for the best International Marketing Programme and Best Website in the PATA conference in Kuala Lumpur. Global Promotion Summary
S.W.O.T. Analysis
Promotional Activities
Learning points
Q&A Agenda Fredrik Andersson
Ane Andreassen
Lawrence Kei
Fenix Lam
Sierra Wallizer
Brandon Washington Asia's World City Negative Brand Hong Kong Learning Points Conclusions References Hong Kong is: well developed, safe, stable, free, legally independent, economically interdependent
Combination East & West
Combination of City & Nature
Increased tourism
Gateway to Chinese market
Free ride on the growing Chinese economy
Different selling propositions to different markets
Social Media Lack of identity
Weak logotype
Weak website
Poor implementation
Wasted resources
Conflicting propagandas between government-funded bodies
Low relevance, vagueness and inconsistency of the message to the target audience Good content on webpage
Good resources
Comprehensive Research More difficult to promote: Cities such as Singapore, Shanghai & Beijing are becoming attractive alternatives to HK
Traditional attractive features becoming less prominent
Lack of distinct iconic features Initiated by the Information Services Depertment (ISD) of the HK SARGovernment
Major global program to promote Tourism, Trade, Investment etc.
Created to focus greater international attention 1. Set advertising objectives
2. Decide budget
3. Decide the theme/appeal
What to communicate - USP?
Decide the execution
How to communicate
4. Media decisions
5. Advertising evaluation Major decisions in advertising management: Sponsorships & Events BRAND HK Integrated International Promotion Advertising Public Relations Publicity Trade Fairs Personal Selling Global promotion presents problems as different countries and cultures affect all aspects of communication, in particular the encoding and decoding of a message. Brand HK: http://www/brandhk.gov.uk

Fang, tang, `Xi & Yanping, 2005, Web-site marketing for the travel-and tourism industry, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, Vol 46, issue 4, pp461-466

Gillespie, K Hennessey, D 2007, Global Marketing, South-Western, Canada

Hillard, Fleishman T, Nelson 2010, Opinion Research Analysis Brand Hong Kong Review, ISD, HKSAR

HKTB: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/login.html

Proquest- HK's brand isn't just a logo, we must all live it

Proquest- Hong Kong reviews city's brand positioning

Proquest- Brand HK
http://0search.proquest.com.hkbulib.hkbu.edu.hk/docview/578386330/12EB9C7A08C736088EF/4?accountid=11440 A brand is a promise. If Hong Kong is promising to be “Asia’s World City” then this needs to be promoted to people, in effective ways to make people believe in it.

Promotion is Communication. Communication includes: Source, encoding, message channel, decoding, receiver, noise.

All aspects of communication present problems for international communication. In particular, decoding and encoding a message differs in different countries and cultures.

Major decisions in advertising management include:
1. Set the objective
2. Decide the budget
Theme/Appeal à WHAT to communicate
Execution à HOW to communicate
4. Media Decisions
5. Advertising evaluation

A global promotion should have a global theme/appeal (WHAT) e.g. “Asia’s World City” or “International Gateway”, but a local execution (HOW) e.g. Different languages and different focus points, - like focusing on the Asian culture, in promotions in Western countries, and focusing on the western side of Hong Kong, in promotions in Asian countries. In a conclusion, HKTB and Brand Hong Kong need to improve in their efforts to promote Hong Kong. These two different boards need to unify and cooperate with each other to draw on their complementing skills and advantages. This will also eliminate confusion and strengthen the implementation of the promotion of Hong Kong. Global promotion theory needs to be implemented in the marketing strategies and the: “Think Global, act Local” phrase is highly relevant for this case. Reconstituted in 2001
Marketing & Promoting Hong Kong as tourist destination worldwide
Goal is to enhance visitors experience Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) "Hong Kong should be to Asia what London is to Europe and what New York is to North and South America."

/Tung Chee Hwa, Cheif Executive HK SAR Sponsorships & Events Advertising Trade Fairs Public Relations Personal Selling Integrated International Promotion Publicity BRAND HK Recommendations 1. Lack of identity
Strong selling selling points
Public opinion
Theme/ USP: "International Gateway"
2. Conflicting and confusing messages
One logo
One webpage
3. Poor implementation
Skill transfer
Strong selling points
West vs. East
Think Global, act Local "Advertising messages have to be localised in order to recognize cultural differences in such areas of values, belief, tradition and languale." (Nan & Belk, 2004) Sender (Encoding) Receiver (Decoding)
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