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cownose stingray

No description

Rachel Soloff

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of cownose stingray

Cownose Stingray
By: Rachel Soloff
1/24/13 How did the cownose stingray get its name? From snout looking like a cow's nose
Latin Name: Rhinoptera bonasus Where on Earth does the cownose stingray live? Found in Atlantic ocean and Caribbean
From New England to Brazil What is the cownose stingray What does it's habitat look like? Swim near top of water
Swims near shore What are some special characteristics of the cownose stingray? Nose shape like cow
Diamond shaped body
Males: 35 inches and 26 pounds
Females: 28 inches and 36 pounds
Eats clams and oysters
Mating takes place during late summer
Babies called pups
Migrates to warmer water in cold weather
Male reproduction organs on bottom How does the cownose stingray interact with humans In zoos and aquariums
Likes the feel of human flesh 3 questions I will ask at the aquarium What do they eat besides clams and oysters?
How do they mate?
What makes them so different than other rays? Resources en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cownose_ray
Tr Terry
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