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Creating an Environment of Safety

No description

Jessica Kesler

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Creating an Environment of Safety

Creating an Environment of Safety
The failure of an organization

Chain of command

Qui tam

Whistleblower Protection Act


Incident Reporting
Mandatory Reporting Statutes of Health Issues
Obligation to Report Questionable Practices
How do nurses protect themselves and fix problems?
Lateral Violence
How can nurses succeed if the environment does not allow for teamwork?
Professional Boundaries
Points to Ponder
What is the end goal?

"Supernurse" is the only one who can protect patient from harm

Too much provider involvement or too little?

Is the patient still the center of care?
Think about it...
What do you report and to whom?

How do you document appropriately?

How do you protect yourself?

What barriers might you meet?
Points to Ponder
What happens to patient care in an environment where lateral violence is tolerated?

Is lateral violence physical?

What does it do to staffing and other unit issues?
What's the main issue?

What's the most appropriate way to handle the problem?

What guides what we report?

Do I have to do an incident report?
What situations would warrant an incident report?

How do you document?
Code of Ethics
Provision 3.5: Acting on questionable practices

Provision 3.6: Addressing impaired practice
What HAS to be reported?
Child abuse- real or suspected

Elder abuse- real or suspected

Communicable diseases
NCSBN video

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