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lina maria torres lopez

on 15 November 2017

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Transcript of MICRO COMPANY

Remember that the intention is to constrain not to destroy.
we want to achieve an union between nature and the city in order to achieve a sustainable and friendly society . in the future we want to achieve a balance between the current and the natural making so some buildings that mix the two things
We are a company of entrepreneurs who want to achieve the best in three to meet the ecological and innovative needs for the current architecture, we want to focus on large and very populated places to help the mabiene of the big cities
Building buildings to help improving and strengthen the environment
Recognizing and satisfying the needs of our customers
Help the planet through our product
Be meticulous and kind to customers
Our work team is formed by
The manager Lina Torres, the deputy manager Yurany Vargas, the architect Eduar Vargas and the electric engineer Jersson Sarae, we want we have a 10 year work plan in which we will build a sustainable and durable enterprise
Our primary investment was $28000 which were used in a beginning as investment capital was planned that each year was made an investment of 20% of the total capital to improve each day more the product.
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