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Network Management

Introducing Networks to Management Strategy

Carl Case

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Network Management

What are networks? But what do we KNOW? Might work where unilateral steering is impossible

Resource Intensive

Managers who interact frequently seem to generate better outcomes

BUT: Might maintain power structure

Evaluations must include ALL parties

Why do they matter? Network Management is Different Networks in Management: More than a Different Structure Policy formation and policy implementation are inevitably the result of interactions among a plurality of separate actors with separate interests, goals, and strategies. ` Structural stable relations between organizations/actors

Can be both vertical and horizontal

Examples of Horizontal:
Information Exchange
Club Membership
Informal Contacts
Bill Sponsorship

Examples of Vertical
Power is divided
Split amongst equals
Even the powerful have limited control

Mutual Dependencies
Health/Education/Food/Safety/Crime all interlinked

Goals emerge through cooperative action

Seek goals rather than set goals

Packages of goals rather than single issues

Managers must:

Mediate rather than control
Bring together crucial actors rather than hire the right people
Coordinate activities rather than mandate action Activate
Foster Interaction
Manage streams of action
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