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Augustinian theodicy outline + Qs


Freya Jennison

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Augustinian theodicy outline + Qs

"Soul-deciding" Augustinian Theodicy Your paragraphs should include TASK Privations Augustinian Theodicy Questions
Edexcel Chapter Confessions and date.
Universe is made good "God saw all that he had made and saw that it was good" (Genesis)
Evil is not a thing but a privation eg. darkness is absence of light as evil is an absence of good.
Evil is when things fall short of what God intended them to be. The Fall. Adam & Eve. Led to moral evil and natural evil.
God is totally free of blame for evil as it is all our fault
Evil is a punishment - "The penalty of sin corrects the dishonour of sin" (Augustine)
Original sin is the sin of Adam passed onto us all
There is hope in the end. Heaven or hell and hope through Jesus for all.
God shouldn't intervene Now... using those answers write a couple of paragraphs that outline the Augustinian theodicy Darkness is the absence of ...
Silence is the absence of ...
Sourness is the absence of ...
Tightfistedness is the absence of ...
Hatred is the absence of ...
Evil is the absence of ... 1. In which book and when did Augustine write about the
problem of evil?
2. What did he conclude about the universe?
3. Write out the quote from Genesis that supports this view.
4. What was his view of evil and God's role in it?
5. What does it mean to say that evil is a privation of good?
6. How did evil come about according to Augustine?
7. Write out a quote from Genesis that supports this view.
8. How did natural evil and moral evil specifically come about?
9. What is original sin?
10. What was the punishment for original sin? Give a quote
from Genesis to support this.
11. Why is God right not to intervene?
12. How will justice be done in the future?
13. What else has God done to show that he is just?
14. Write out the 2 quotes from the box at the bottom left
of the page The Augustinian Theodicy is a Downwards and Soul-Deciding Theodicy It doesn't allow humans to use situations of suffering positively because the only hope of redemption lies in accepting the gracious act of God in salvation in the next life.

Humanity has free will to choose good over evil and so this theodicy is soul-deciding. Freewill comes consequences, so if a person chooses to do a morally wrong act a consequence will follow.It is liberating for those who accept God's salvation
but devastating for those who don't. Downwards Soul-Deciding
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