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Technology & Education

No description

Erin Soeters

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Technology & Education

The Future of Education Design
Erin Soeters, Sarah Brace, Mackenzie Winn & Kyla Glen
Technology is changing education by becoming a more prominent feature in the classroom. It provides a sense of community, motivation, and productivity.
Middle- High School
College & University
Corporate Training
[Massive Open Online Classes]
A virtual reality system
used by Raytheon engineers
is allowing middle-schoolers
to venture into 3-D
worlds they've designed in
school, from computer-
generated forests to Rube
Goldberg machines.

The idea is to use
technology to magnify and
amplify everything they're
learning and turn it into an
unforgettable experience
Use of the "cloud" network so that
all schools can connect. This also
allows for mobile learning which
encourages students to bring their
own device to the classroom.
Global Connections
Companies are able to communicate via FaceTime as opposed to traveling for a face to face meeting. This is beneficial because it lowers company costs.
In 2014, corporations began putting more emphasis on employee training through
M.O.O.C's. This implemented more efficient learning and training.
The technology used for this type of learning will also be seen in the classroom as well. Most of the students work will be done online allowing the professor host discussions, track individual progress, see the speed at which each student works, etc.
Navy using virtual goggles in training. Simulates the real action on the battlefield.
Schools are moving towards using ipads to motivate kids within the class room
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