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Books! Books! Books!

No description

Emma Clark

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Books! Books! Books!

See You at Harry's
About 200 pages
Took me about a day to read
Takes place at Fern's school, the family restaurant (Harry's), and at her home.
This novel definitely deserves a 10/10! I loved how the author wrote about the family setting, and how they left some of the novels events/stories to be finished by the reader.
Books! Books! Books!

Girl Stolen
About 150 pages
Took me a day to read
Takes place in a mysterious house where the main character is held captive; between 2007-2009
I give "Girl Stolen" a 10/10! I loved how the author made it so that despite Cheyenne's blindness, she was still able to solve problems. (Like when she breaks a glass cup so she can use the shard to cut the binds off her wrists.)
I Can't Believe My Dog Did That!
About 400 pages
Took me about a week to read
No specific time or place
10/10! Both laugh out loud funny, and really sad, this collection of true stories was absolutely WONDERFUL!
'Bailey Flanigan' Series
Four books in the series
Each about 300 pages long
All took me about 3 days to read
All four books take place in NY, NY; Los Angeles; and Indianapolis... during the 21 century (2011 to 2013)
10/10 for sure!!! This is my favorite series and I have read it numerous times. I love the messages of faith and Christian love Karen Kingsbury ties into all four realistic books.
The Catcher in the Rye
"Once" is a novel with three books in one...
Before Midnight
Wild Orchid
Before Midnight
193 pages
Took me about 3 days to read
Takes place in a fictional land of kings, queens, and fairy-godmothers. Most of the story occurs at the Etienne de Brabant house-hold.
I would give this book a 10/10! I loved how the author re figured the Cinderella fairy tale!
By: Cameron Dokey
What is it about?
In "Before Midnight", Cendrillion must save the gift of love for both herself, and others, all before the clock strikes twelve. Will she ever be able to muster enough faith and happiness to let beauty grow in the most "barren" spots of life?
Cendrillion: a kind, caring, secretive girl with a fragile heart and a strong sense of hope. The daughter of Etienne de Brabant. Her mother died in child birth. Main character. 16

Raoul: A well-thought boy with a strong will to live. Like a brother to Cendrillion, and brought to her fathers house by Etienne de Brabant himself- has no ""true'" name. Minor character. 16

Cendrillion's stepmother: a motherly, caring woman. Married to Cendrillion's devious father. The total opposite of the original tale's stepmother.

By: Cameron Dokey
About 200 pages
Took me about 3 days to read
Takes place in a fictional world of sorcerers and magic towers. Most of the book takes place at the sorceress Melisande's country home.
I would give this book a 10/10! I really liked how the author made Rapunzel bald. It gave the story a lot of depth and extra back-story.
What is it about?
In "Golden", Rapunzel is bald, and knows she will never grow hair. Having been in the care of a sorceress since birth, she's never had a true family. However, when she is put to the ultimate test, Rapunzel must make a choice between sacrificing something of her own to help another, or losing everything to her own pride.
Rapunzel: a smart, quiet girl wit a bald head and a sad unsureness of herself. Main character. 16

Henry: a kind, compassionate boy, one of the few that don't care about Rapunzel's baldness. Minor Character.16

Melisande: The loving sorceress who raised Rapunzel. Named her after the plants her parents stole from her garden. Does NOT lock Rapunzel in a tower, but raises the girl as her own. Minor character
Wild Orchid
By: Cameron Dokey
About 200 pages
Took me about 3 days to read
Takes place in China during the time leading up to the invasion of the Huns, and the invasion of the Huns.
Like Dokey's other two fabulous books, this novel deserves a 10/10! I loved how she formed Mulan's back story, and how she twisted Mulan's reason to go and fight in place of her father.
To protect her injured father from being forced back to the war with the Huns, Mulan disguises herself as a boy to take his place in the army. When this daring girl faces a love almost as impossible as her concealing her own identity, she must make the ultimate decision. Unveil herself and bring dishonor to her family, or keep quiet and risk being exposed and killed for treason.
What is it About?
Mulan: a smart, daring tomboy who knows how to read and write (unlike many girls her age). Puts other people before herself. Main character. 16

Mulan's Father: a quiet, thoughtful man. Leaves Mulan when she is an infant to fight in the emperor's army. Minor character.

Prince Jian: an appreciative, tactical teenager with a will to fight and survive. Leader of Mulan's division and one of the emperor's three sons. Minor character.16 or 17
By: Jo Knowles
Fern has always felt invisible. Her thoughts are almost never appreciated by her work-obsessed dad and her meditative mother; her older brother and sister are always trying to get out of doing work; and her three-year-old brother Charlie is always the center of attention. However, when tragedy strikes in her family, she has no where to turn. What do you do when the sadness of others brings blame upon yourself?
Fern: a caring, quiet girl who struggles with self confidence. 12 years old. Main character

Ran: a calm, positive boy with an easy-going personality. Fern's best friend. 12 years old. Minor character.

Charlie: a happy, lovable, energetic three-year-old with a special love for Fern. Fern's younger brother. Both a minor and a major character.
By: J. D. Salinger
about 350 pages
Took me about four days to read
Most of the book takes place in New York City, in the Central park area, around the 1950s.
I would give this novel a 9/10 because I loved how much expression the author was able to use, without using exclamation marks. However, some of the language got really mean/inappropriate .
Holden Caulfield looks like your average teenage boy, however, after being kicked out of his 4th private high school, he deems himself not "intelligent enough" to continue on his educational path. So, when he returns to New York city, he finds himself trying to make the best of a world full of devoted "phonies" and underage drinking- before he is due to return to his family's cramped apartment. Can Holden find the life he is meant to live? Will he be able to find the courage to make the best of the worst situations? Is it possible that Holden will never find the strength to actually "try" again?
Holden Caulfield: a depressed, irritable high school smoker and drinker who has gotten kicked out of numerous high schools. 17- main character.

Phoebe Caulfield: Holden's adoring younger sister. Follows rules (unlike Holden). 13- minor character

Stradlater: Holden's popular, athletic, and needy room mate at Pency Prep. school. Ignorant. Steals Holden's belongings. 17- minor character
The Chronicles of Narnia (books 1 & 2)
The Magician's Nephew
C.S. Lewis
202 pages
Took me about a day to read
Takes place in mystical lands that "bridge" beyond the 'Wood Between- Worlds' (like Narnia). Also takes place in London England during the early 1900s.
I would give this book a 10/10! The level of imagination and life lessons/morals C.S. Lewis included in this book was outstanding!
When Digory and his friend Polly are tricked by his "magical" and devious Uncle Andrew to put on two extraordinary rings, they are catapulted through many different planes of existence. However, when a foolish decision takes the turn for the worst, the pair must find a solution before they risk the innocence of a newly found beauty.
Digory: an overly curious boy with a tendency to act before thinking. About 13. Main character.

Polly: a thoughtful girl with a knack for adventure; "puts up with" Digory. About 13. Main character.

Uncle Andrew: an untrustworthy, selfish relative of Digory. Finds a way to travel to The World Between Worlds. Minor character.
The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
C.S. Lewis
189 pages
Took me about a day to read
Takes place in the Professor'shouse, during World War II; and in Narnia during the rule of Jadis.
Like C.S. Lewis' first book, I give this novel a 10/10! The suspense and sense of "Oh No!" really kept me on my toes. I couldn't put it down!
When Lucy discovers a
snowy forest in the back of an old wardrobe, no one
but the professor believes her. But when the children hide in the wardrobe after an "accident", they find that Lucy is telling the truth, and that the survival of the secret world
is in their hands.
Lucy: a smart, thoughtful, quiet girl with a strong sense of imagination. The youngest of the children. Main character.

Edmund: an arrogant/stuck-up 13 year old who loves to tease his younger sister (Lucy). The second youngest. Main character.

Susan: a strong willed know-it-all with no sense of imagination. Tries to act grown-up. The second oldest. Main character.

Peter: a helpful, self promoting high school boy. The oldest of the children. Main character.

The Beavers: a kind, caring, protective couple with stubborn, "nagging' personalities. Minor characters.
By: April Henry
By: Karen Kingsbury
Bailey Flanigan: a sweet, kind, caring, faithful girl who loves God and cherishes others. 21-22 years old. Main character.

Cody Coleman: brought to God by the Flanigan family, he is kind and helpful to all he meets. Bailey's first love. 23-24 years old. Main character.

Brandon Paul: a thoughtful, kind 24-year-old brought to God by the Flanigan family. Famous Hollywood actor. 23-24 years old. Main character.

Cheyenne: a bright, kind, compassionate light to the world who seems to glow with God's love. The fiance of one of Cody's deceased war buddies. Minor character

Demetri Smith: a prayerful, confident high school foot ball player at Lyle High. Minor character
Bailey Flanigan thought life without Cody would be worthless, dull even. However, in the last 6 months she has changed, and she's ready to let go of her first real love and to spread God's message to those around the world. Will she be able to succeed in her dreams of Broadway? How will Bailey be an influence to others?
Cody has a, now famous, position as head football coach at Lyle High. He enjoys dinner each night at Tara Collin's home (Art Collin's mother). Although he has much to distract him, he still struggles to let go of Bailey.
As Bailey continues on her journey in NY city, she finds herself growing closer to her friend, the famous actor, Brandon Paul. However, she still is struggling with her feelings for Cody. Will Bailey be able to trust God to allow her to let go of Cody? Will Cody find someone who makes him 'ten feet high'?
As Cody and Bailey continue lead different Christian lives, they struggle to figure-out the feelings they have for each other. Bailey grows even closer to Brandon Paul, and Cody finds himself in a relationship with Cheyenne. Will the two be able to muster the courage to officially let God take the lead? How will they control their 'longing' for one another?
Bailey and Cody have finally developed a new kind of relationship, friendship. However, will change and hard times ruin their relationship forever? Who is the "someone" they are destined to spend the rest of their lives with? What door(s) will God open next?
She had begged her step-mom to leave the car running while she ran in to grab 16-year old Cheyenne's prescription antibiotic. Her step-mom had told Cheyenne to leave Phantom , her seeing-eye dog at home because they were only going to the doctor. What Cheyenne should have done was not as important in the situation she was involuntarily forced into. Because not only was she being kidnapped, but she was extremely sick with pneumonia. Cheyenne had no way to escape. Without her eyesight or any kind of guidance, she was just as ready to leave as the man who had stolen the car. What could Cheyenne do, but wait?
Cheyenne Wilder: a courageous girl with a strong will to survive. Is blind as a result of an accident. Is kidnapped at the beginning of the book. Main character.

Griffin: a quiet, sensitive boy. Accidentally kidnaps Cheyenne at the beginning of the book. The son of an abusive, criminal.

Cheyenne's father: the president of Nike. Will do anything to get Cheyenne back. Believes that she was kidnapped by someone against the Kike company. Minor character.

Griffin's father: a mean criminal who believes that by holding Cheyenne he will receive a reward. Drinks a lot, abusive. Minor character.
Chicken Soup: Put together by- Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Jennifer Quasha (written by multiple authors)
"I Can't Believe My Dog Did That!" is a Chicken Soup for the Soul book that tells many elaborate stories of silly, serious, or even random things their pets have done. From dogs fighting over who gets to sit on "Master's" lap, to tales of dogs with incredible smarts (like opening gate doors). You will find yourself both laughing and crying!!
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