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Chile and its Road to Independence

No description

Afrooz G

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Chile and its Road to Independence

Chile and its Road to Independence

The creoles wanted independence from Spain and royalist creoles
Three stages:

the Patria Vieja, 1810–1814
the Reconquista, 1814–1817
the Patria Nueva, 1817-1823
Independence day is on September 18, 1810
Important people
• Known as the liberator of Chile and the Father of the nation
• An important supporter for the September 18 movement
• Was not a trained in how to use weapons, but he learned it from the veteran soldiers and led an army afterwards
• Military Commander
• Lowest point in his military career was the Battle of Rancagua in which the military got outnumbered in training and weapons

Bernando O’Higgins
• A Chilean general and dictator who fought for independence
• Bernardo and Carrera had some conflicts and replaced Jose from power
• He went against his opponents and took aid which did not let him go back to Chile and he helped Argentina with its independence

Josè Miguel Carrera
• A famous general who helped many countries fight for its independence like Chile, Peru and Argentina
• Supported Higgins rather than Jose Miguel

Jose De San Martin
Bernando O’ Higgins
Josè Miguel Carrera
Jose De San Martin
San Martín then led his Argentine and Chilean followers north to liberate Peru; and fighting continued in Chile's southern provinces, the bastion of the royalists, until 1826.

Spain finally granted Chile it’s independence and the royalist backed down.

Reasons for victory
Followed the same path as other countries
Created four short-term goals
O’Higgins and San Martin

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Civil unrest and wars
Furious Chilean patriots did not allow the men to be deported: they took to the streets and demanded an open town hall to determine their future
Governor García Carrasco attempted to assert his authority by arresting two Argentines as well as Chilean patriot Bernardo de Vera Pintado and sending them to Peru
The meeting on September 18 set Chile firmly on the path to independence and was the first Chilean self-government since before the days of the conquest. (sep/18/10)
Spain is taken over by napoleans power
Spanish royalist retook the nation for Spain in 1814
The battle of Chucabuco in 1817
With the royalist army crushed, Spanish and royalists fled Santiago, Spanish governor, was captured trying to flee. Major victory preventing Spain from reclaiming Santiago.
The battle of Maipú on April 5, 1818
Causes (the Patria Vieja)
Causes (the Reconquista)
Causes (the Patria Nueva)
Who were the two people who had a conflict between each other?

Why was claiming Santiago such a victory for the rebels?
Why did the patriots cross the Andes?
For a surprise attack
Why were the patriots so successful in your opinion.
Why is September 18, 1810 celebrated instead of in1826 when they actually won independence?
It was the capital
It was when they first seceded from Spain
Bernando O’ Higgins and
Josè Miguel Carrera
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