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Acid Rain and our Environment

No description

Derek Pranke

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Acid Rain and our Environment

My Research Goal What are the effects of Acid Rain on our environment? Acid Rain can damage ecosystems by killing plants, which in turn kills off populations of animals by destroying their food source. Also, this acidic rain is responsible for damaging limestone buildings and statues. What is Acid Rain? Acid Rain is precipitation that has been chemically altered by pollutants found in the air. It is created when SOx is carried through toxic emissions released from the smokestacks coal-burning power plants and other industrial sources. These emissions absorb into the clouds and fall as rain or snow. My Balanced Equation Also, Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) are converted to nitric acid, which also contributes to acidification of rain. 50% of the Nitrogen Oxides found in polluted air comes from automobiles. SO3 + H2O > H2SO4 (Sulfer Oxide + Water > Sulfuric Acid) Oxygen works as a catalyst by accelerating the reaction between water and Sulfuric Acid. Through my research I found that acid rain is very harmful to the world around us and it needs to stop. You can help by doing this such as car-pooling, reducing length of trips taken in your car, or even reduce the amount of electricity used. When you use electricity, more has to be produced at a powerplant that most likely emitts SOx. References
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