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Black Lives Matter

No description

christian goodie

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Black Lives Matter

Lit Review : OVERVIEW
What's Going On: A Lion Perspective
Our only hope today lies in our ability to recapture the revolutionary spirit and go out into a sometimes hostile world declaring eternal hostility to poverty, racism, and militarism.
-M.L.K. Jr.
On Campus Events

Christmas Tree Lighting Die In
Black Family Dialogue
Forums that include Professors Staff Members, Students
What's Going On: A Local Perspective (Los Angeles)
Results of the survey: next slide

Tuesday, May 05, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Long-standing †Tensions
Black Lives Matter
Systemic Oppression
What's Going On: A National Perspective
Pg. 1
Weekly Comic Strip
Los Angeles, CA
We conducted a campus wide survey to find the answer...
Lit Review
Black Lives Matter
Pan African Film Festival
I am for violence if non-violence means we continue postponing a solution to the American black man's problem just to avoid violence.
-Malcolm X

"Black Lives Matter" Pan African Film Festival
Panel: Patrice Cullors (founder of black lives matter), Robert Singleton (Freedom Rider), Erica Huggens and (Black Panthers), Professor in Africana Studies at CSULA
Race: Black
Location: The Bridge at Crenshaw Mall
Patrice Cullors: " We don't need any help from white people at this time. This is a time for unity for black people. We need to come together if we want change"
Erica Huggens: " We need an education campaign to bring together the church, schools and more"

ex: Ferguson= 1/5 of the entire operating budget comes from punitive efforts and funds. 2/3 of the population are African American and all of the people in power are white and there is a virtually all white police force with a lot of pressure to increase revenue → problems are inevitable with the African American population.

Pizza And Politics #1: Race, The Police, and Voting Rights (2/24)
Evan Gerstmann (Political Science professor, race: White,
sex: male) and Brad Stone (Philosophy department, Race: Black, sex: male)
Police are under tremendous amounts of pressure to increase revenue by using punitive measures .
“Big problems come from small things; death by 1,000 cuts” -Foucault
-Race has always been economic in America
-“For African Americans, racism is a daily, frequent, unspectacular occurrence.”
-With the police in reference to black men and boys, anything that looks “shady” raises automatic judgment.
-Solution= programs from young black men. But who funds the programs? Law enforcement.
Connecting Urban Youth
& Law Enforcement/ Interview w/Sgt.Cody
Attendees- 21 people, 4 and 3 middle school/HS, and
4 girls.
Youth feel that if they spoke to an African American officer that they'd feel their opinions and feelings could be heard.
Juvenile Myth-Major Problem
Level of interaction can dictate the end result.
Ignorance met with ignorance leads to confrontational results.
Don't be compliant, use self control.
Officers of Civil Unrest- Can't control who shows up, and level of uncertainty of trainees could be launching point of civil unrest. More senior officers could do better crowd control.
1.What are the causes of the killings of unarmed black men?

2.What can we do to solve this issue?

3.What are the perspectives/ thoughts surrounding these killings(On and off campus)?
Nation-Wide Protest
Black Lives Matter
Stop Mass Incarceration Network

Forums and dialogues both in communities and college campuses

Federal Investigations of Police Departments
All races give relatively low marks to police departments around the country for holding officers accountable for misconduct for using appropriate, and treating racial and ethnic groups equally.
Community Coalition

Concerned Black Men of Los Angeles
First AME Church of Los Angeles

This event discussed issues that are impacting African American Students. In addition this forum covered the implications of education and polices in creating a more socially just education for African American Students.
Proposed solutions
Create comfortable learning environment for students to excel
Add a more well rounded / diverse curriculum that depicts all ethnic groups
Teach key tools and professions that all ethnic groups can acquire
Create engaging curriculum
: March 25, 2015
: Educational Justice: Policy and Leadership Issues Impacting African American Students
: Ahmason Auditorium
What's Going On: A National Perspective
Los Angeles study revealed community opinions of "racialized" news coverage
Overrepresented of blacks as "perpetrators, whites are overrepresented as victims, and black-on-white crime is overrepresented relative to crime within racial groups. The over representation is relative to police department crime statistics, not population."
Local news consumption effects viewers stereotypical perceptions.
Los Angeles study revealed trends in Blacks/Latinos and Whites/Asians in the areas of wealth, intelligent, self-support, involvement
Reveal answers to fundamental questions underlying the research

Overview of strategies proposed by local leaders and organizations
Greek demographic mostly white

African American respondents would be more aware of issues concerning the killing of unarmed black men

White respondents would be more likely to believe actions of police were justified than blacks
LMU Survey
March 3, 2015
Know Your Rights
Location: Lemeirt Park, CA
Panel: Lawyers, Activist, Professors, Organizers, Community Leaders
- To connect the multicultural organizations to build a stronger relationship to have dialogue about contemporary issues

- To bring the PWI greek community and the black greek community together to build solidarity & increase positive interactions

- Work closely with EIS

- Course proposal on contemporary race issues

Panelists: 7 Black; 2 Female, 5 Male
What is the primary problem?
What is the proposed solution?
Racist, patriarchal, and violent systems built this country
Plantation capitalism
Police threatened by black men
Angry black men
The furtive gesture
Unconscious and implicit bias
Blackness = danger
Criminal justice system
History of the police in this country (slave catchers, Jim Crow enforcers, segregation)
In routine traffic stops:
Don't have attitude
Be a good witness
Push to make Black Lives Matter a human rights issue
More power in the numbers
Inside participation and outside agitation
African Americans should use their buying power
Engaged action as opposed to conventional politics for change
Sample included 3,130 subjects; 1,627 educators and 1,503 non-educators
Study asked
1. What are the stereotypical beliefs, feelings, expectations, or fantasies that people have about Black males?
2. What are the differences between the stereotypical beliefs, feelings, expectations, or fantasies that educators and non-educators have about Black males?
Study found
Whites: (a) 53.2% rated Blacks as less intelligent
(b) 56.1% rated Blacks as more violence prone,
(c) 77.7% rated Blacks as likely to prefer living on welfare, and
(d) 62.2% saw Blacks as being lazier.
References Cont.
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