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The One And Only Ivan

No description

Scout Conrad

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of The One And Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan
By: Katherine Applegate Created By: Scout, Riley, and Kate

You can find this book in your local library, at your Scholastic Book Fair, or you can also find it at Barnes and Noble.
The setting of
The One and Only Ivan
is a mall off of exit 8. In this mall, there is a circus and that is where Ivan lives. Ivan is a gorilla and he lives in a cage. Beside his cage is Stella's cage. Stella is an elephant. On the left of the cage is a wall. Ivan has a television, a little pool, and a stuffed gorilla in his cage. There is also a little dog named Bob, and he sleeps on Ivan's belly!
Book Preview
Problem and Solution
Ivan's Perfect Job
Ivan's perfect job is to keep a
promise, and do what is right.
The Main Idea
The main idea of
The One and Only Ivan
is that Ivan is a gorilla who has to face some pretty interesting challenges, but he also enjoys some surprises in his life.
The video above shows the author,
Katherine Applegate, discussing
Ivan the gorilla.
This video
shows Ivan the
gorilla hanging
Ivan's problem is that he made a promise and he does not think he can keep his promise. Ivan's solution is that he keeps his promise and also gets to finally live in the wild.
Oldest elephant
Great Book!
How Ivan Lives

Ivan lives in a cage, that is too small for him. He likes to talk to his little dog friend, Bob. Mac is his friend and his guardian. Stella is his guide/friend.
Ivan's Family and Friends
Ivan had a dad who was the leader of his tribe. He had a mother who was cool. He also had a sister who always liked to play tag, which is why everybody called her Not-Tag. Then, sadly Ivan got taken away from his family. He is now in the mall with his new family. (AKA Stella, Ruby, Bob, and Mac. )
Ivan's traits
About Ivan
Ivan has a lot of fur.
He is kind of different.
He likes Ruby because she
keeps him company.
He likes his stuffed Not-Tag
that is in his cage.
Ivan likes Mac when he is
Ivan feels lonely.
He does not get any more people at his cage, and that makes him sad.
He is glad that Ruby came because he is now happy.
He is sad when something happens to Stella.
Ivan does not like it when Mac is being mean to Ruby.
Pictures from the book
Ivan was a
playing tag.
Ivan got taken
away from his
Ivan went to a mall on exit 8.
Ivan met Stella
and they
became friends.
Ivan met Ruby
and then
they became
Ivan went on with his happy life.
If you want to learn more read
The One and Only Ivan!
What Ivan likes to do
Ivan likes to do lots of things. Ivan LOVES to draw! That is all he wants to do. He learned how to draw from Julia. He likes to draw stuff that is in his cage, like a banana.
Mac's life
Mac is Ivan's owner/trainer.
He is loosing money because no one is interested in Ivan anymore. When Mac is mad, he throws things against the wall. He sometimes gets mad at his animals if they don't do what they are told. Mac sells Ivan's paintings in the gift shop and sometimes Ivan does not like it.
Ruby's life
In Ruby's early life, she lived in a small village. She fell into a ditch and she couldn't get out. Then, some of the villagers came and helped pull her out. She then became friends the villagers. She liked them, but not the people who took her.
Bob's life
Bob is a stray. He does not like to be caught by humans or have a home. He likes to find food off the street or in the trash can. He loves to sleep on Ivan's belly for heat. He has a weird personality.
Stella's life
Stella's life is a little rough. She has a hurt foot and she takes a little interest in Ruby. She takes her in as her own. She is Ivan's friend.
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