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Simple, Compound, Complex sentences,

No description

Marco Yip

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Simple, Compound, Complex sentences,

Simple, Compound, Complex sentences,
Dependent and Independent Clauses
What is a
Simple Sentence?
-Contains a single or compound subject, and a single or compound verb
-Simple sentences generally express a single idea
-Also known as an independent clause

Compound Sentences
A compound sentence is a sentence made up of

two independent clauses
held together by a
Complex Sentences
- A complex sentence is a sentence made up of an
independent clause

and at

least one dependent clause.

-Only if the sentence begins with the dependent clause, use a

- Always contains a


or a

relative pronoun.

There are 2 main types of clauses
Answer these questions correctly and you might get a prize!
By Katherine, Ashley, Allen and Marco
For Example:
Kathy fell down the stairs.
Subject is Kathy
Verb is "to fall"
This sentence expresses a single idea that Kathy fell down the stairs
Another Example
Kathy and Amy ran away
Compound Subject is Kathy and Amy
Verb is "to run"
Expresses the single idea that Kathy and Amy ran away.
What are relative pronouns and Subordinators?
-Subordinators and relative pronouns are words that
the independent and dependent clauses together.
For Example

Jamie bought his dog,
he took it out for a walk.
Dependant Clause
Independant Clause
Although pets are expensive,

Cheryl bought herself a cat

which left her without money
What is a coordinator?
A coordinator is a word that links two sentences, words, or
For, and, nor, but, or, yet, so,
are the 7 coodinators. The first letter of each one spells out
Megan cut the wood.
Ryan stacked the wood.
Megan cut the wood
, and

Ryan stacked the wood.
Independent Clauses
I tried to speak spanish, but Karen only spoke French.
I tried to speak Spanish
Karen only spoke French.
Independent Clauses
Independent Clauses
Dependent Clauses
Dependent Clauses
A dependent clause are made up of a noun and a verb but do not express a complete idea. They are basically a subordinator plus an independent clause.
Which made Carol sad.
Does not express a full idea.
Independent Clauses
Independent clauses are made up of a subject and a verb
Independent clauses express a complete idea
Aaron ate cheese.
Expresses a complete idea
What is the Difference between a clause and a phrase?
is a bunch of words with a subject is associated with the verb.
is a bunch of words without a subject.
Santa "Clause" is Coming to town
Jumping around with Ben.
I was jumping around with Ben.
No subject, Is a phrase
Subject "I" is jumping. This is an independent Clause
The 7 coordinating conjunctions are: For, And, Not, But, Or, Yet, So.
Answer 1
False! The coordinating conjunctions are: For, And, Not, But, Or, Yet, So.
Example with more than one dependent Clause
Independent Clause
Dependent Clause
Dependent Clause
Question 2: True or False?
Indefinite Clauses are basically simple sentences.
Answer 2
Question 1: True or False?
clauses are simple sentences.
Question 3: True or False?
Every sentence has an independent Clause.
Answer 3
True! All sentences contain at least one independent clause.
Question 4: Is this sentence correct?
Henry could not concentrate, because he was hungry.
Answer 4
This sentence is INCORRECT because the since this sentence starts with an independent clause, There should not be a comma before the word "because"
Question 5:
What is a subordinator? List 5 examples
Answer 5
A subordinator
Question 6
Can you start a sentence with "because"? Why or Why not?
Answer 6
Yes, you can start a sentence with "because" because it is a subordinator. You may not start a sentence with a Co-ordinator.
Question 7: Is this sentence a simple, compound, or complex sentence?
Henry went to the mall to eat dinner.
Answer 7
It is a simple sentence because it contains a co-ordinator. it would be a complex sentence if it had a subordinator.
Question 8 Change this sentence into a compound sentence
Henry finished his dinner. Marco forgot his wallet.
Answer 8
Marco finished his dinner +
he forgot his wallet.
Question 9: How can you turn this sentence into a complex sentence?
Ashley noticed that Henry forgot his wallet, but Ashley did not pay for him.
Answer 9
Ashley noticed that Henry forgot his wallet +(subordinator) Ashley did not pay for him.
Question 10: is this a Clause or a phrase?
Paying for Henry's Dinner.
Answer 10
This is a phrase.
Bonus Question!
Fill in the song lyrics
A _____ is a ______ of _________ words containing a ________ and a _______.
Answer: Bonus Question
is a
and a
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