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Conference Center

No description

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Conference Center

Conference Center
Caters to relatively small groups seeking a more intimate venue and close personal interaction
Attract several hundreds to many thousands of attendees.

Conference centers
Caters to groups
A conference centers is designed
It is to provide an environment conductive to effective meetings (fewer than 50 people)
Provides a dedicated, distraction-free, comfortably furnished, and technologically equipped facility with importantly.
Support services, food and beverage program, and recreational amenities
It is to enhance and further the goal of a meeting.

The Small Meetings Market
Demand for venues is increasingly.
Even during periods of economics downtown, the number of small meeting and training program will be continue as usual.

Distinction of…
Management meetings

and technical

Regional and
national sales

other types of

Incentive trips
Training programs

and educational
struggle to get
the ideal meeting
or training environment

Growing trend

to consolidation
Employees are
being challenged

Increasing reliance
on technology
and computerize



Nowadays, the convention center and conference center are important as most of the people involve in the international business and most of the educational people also start to realize about the investing that they can do in this kind of industry.

Therefore, soon we will see more development on the convention and conference industry as the demand of it will continuously increase
Characteristic of Conference Center
university conference center in Oxford University
corporate conference center in Berjaya Times Square hotel
corporate conference center in JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur
not-for-profit conference center in Japan
not-for-profit conference center in Kuala Lumpur
sunway resort hotel in Malaysia
resort conference center in China
university conference center in Malaysia.
Show the most typical facility and
usually falls either in the mid-price
or high-price category.

Grown in prominence in distinct
and opposite ways.
Designed for the same
type of management meeting.

Largest physically.
Tremendously difficult to maintain.
Its contain much more conference space

3 different need.
1. Luxurious for dedicated business
school executive education programs.
2. Some provide for campus
visitors and educational conference.
3. Still others for growing.

Most variable conference center category.
Owned by a religious or educational organization, association or foundation, research center
or private humanitarian or arts group.

Planning and Design Consideration
To separate
the conference
& training
areas from
other function

Types of Conference Center
Based for the most part on the…
Market orientation.
Mix of facilities.
Exhibit the characteristics of several different categories
Planning the Guestroom Areas
Reduce public circulation space

Additional amenities for non conference guest

Provide group study rooms

Planning the Public Areas
Separate entrance for overnight guest & day conference
Conference core away from public function
Separate areas for social activities
Provide conference foyer
Public support function
Enhance meeting purpose
Assembly &refreshment area

Provide conference coordinator
Conference concierge
Audiovisual technician
CCTV production studio
Print shop & Photographic darkroom
Complete meeting package
Conference room
Audiovisual support
Planning for Operation

To enhance the
residential scale &
create a feeling
of closeness with
palisades executive conference center,New York
Significant Conference Centers
Resort at Squaw Creek,Squaw Valley,California
Brasstown Valley Resort,Young Harris
convention center in Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur Convention Center
Borneo Convention Center
Joint-venture conference center
Not-for-profit center
Convention hotels add dedicated conference
University project
hybrid centers should appear as corp,gov & edu for colab oppurtunity
should continue to expand and will become more upscale
should continue with many more hotel segmenting their function
more universities invest to better control availability of room and the quality of the overnight and meeting experience
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