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The Hero's Journey

No description

Alexis Hayes

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey
Alexis Hayes
The Ordinary World
Brave New World
The Call To Adventure
Brave New World
Accepting the Call
Brave New World
Reward and The Journey Home/ Restoring the World
Brave New World
A Hero's Journey?
Entering the Unknown
Brave New World
Supernatural Aid/Allies
Brave New World
Tests/Supreme Ordeal
Brave New World
John lives in the Savage Reservation where he isn't accepted by the other Indians. His mother, Linda, is very promiscuous causing people ob the reservation to dislike John and exclude him from rituals.
John explains to Bernard and Lenina that his mother is from the World State but has never met his father. Bernard tells John that he knows his father and invites him and Linda to meet him.
John agrees to go with Lenina, Bernard, and Lina to the World State to meet his father and to see why his mother acts the way she does.
When John gets to the World State he sees how different it really is. On the Reservation the people have morals, rituals, and religion unlike the World State where there are no beliefs, conflicts, or even serious relationships and everyone is promiscuous. Although John is very interested in poetry and Shakespeare he learns that there are no books. There are movies called "feelys" and a drug called soma which both are used to seduce people. Also unlike John, none of these people have parents.
Mustapha Mond helps John understand the World state and briefly explains that it's like this so the world is happy rather than fighting. Even thought Mond would rather be with the exiled he understands that the world needs to be this way. Everything that John wants in life results in unhappiness. At first Bernard helps John around the World State but ends up using him for popularity. Lenina is very fond of John and is very affectionate towards him. Although she's trying to be helpful, she makes John feel very uncomfortable.
Johns test is how he handles this new world. The supreme ordeal is when the crowd of people show up to the lighthouse he was hiding away at and they start fighting. The fight is then ended with the drug soma. Disgusted, John begins whipping himself then Lenina to death when she arrives trying to comfort him.
Ultimately, Johns death was his reward although he did not finish his quest. He is now freed from this strange World State and is once again with his mother, Linda.
Brave New World
I believe Brave New World did fit the Hero's Journey for the most part. He had a call to his adventure, accepted the call and entered a world unknown. John also had aids, allies, and a supreme ordeal. John himself though, is not so much of a hero. His quest was to live in a very different world from his own and he failed by ending his life which was his own reward.
Haroun and the Sea of Stories
Haroun live in a village with his parents and his dad, Rashid, is often gone. Unlike many other families in the village Haroun is an only child and his father is always away.
Haroun and the Sea of Stories
Haroun wishes for his father's stories to end. Since Rashid lost his ability to tell his magical stories he's summoned to the Valley of K where he has one chance to redeem himself. Haroun feels very guilty so he tags along. While the two are there Haroun sees a water genie trying to stop the Stream of Stories as he was told to do so by the "Walrus", controller of the Sea of Stories in Kahani, the second moon. Talking to the Walrus is the only hope for Rashid to keep his ability to tell stories
Haroun and the Sea of Stories
Haroun decides it is best to go to Kahani because he thinks it's his fault Rashid can no longer tell stories.
Haroun and the Sea of Stories
Haroun and Iff the Water Genie land in the ocean of the Land of Gup in Kahani which is full of Wish Water and also holds the Stream of Stories. One drink of the Wish Water will grant one wish and one drink of the Story Water will bring you into a story. Harouns story reveals there is something evil tainting the story water. The evil is coming from the ruler of the Land of Chup, Khattam-Shud who hates stories. In the Land of Gup there's endless sunshine rather than night like the Land of Chup which are divided by the Twilight Strip and the invisible Chattergys Wall. In the Sea of Stories there's a Floating Gardener, Mali, and Plentimaw fish that swallow old stories to create new ones. The Gup army is full of numbers dressed in the pages of books called the Pages of Gup.
Haroun and the Sea of Stories
Iff the Water Genie is Harouns supernatural aid by guiding him through Kahani and his quest. Mali is Harouns ally and explains to Haroun about the polluted waters and gives him a great deal of advice. Butt the Hoopoe helps Haroun travel and also fight the Chupwalas. Surprisingly, the Warrior also helps Haroun and the Guppies by telling them where they could find Khattan-Shud and that they have to defeat him and his shadow.
Haroun and the Sea of Stories
Haroun has to decide whether he wants o help the Guppies defeat Khattam-Shud to save the Princess and to stop the pollution in the story water. Haroun is sent to spy on Khattam-Shud polluting the water but the Cupwalas begin to fight him, Iff, and Butt the Hoopoe. Aside from the fight Haroun sees a ship with Khattam-Shud's shadow and the poison. The Cutmaster stops the Chupwalas and shows Haroun and Iff around the ship but beheads Butt the Hoopoe. Suddenly Haroun notices Mali stopping the generator to stop the ship. Knowing his cue, Haroun blinds the gaurds, steals Butts brain back and dives into the ocean to see there's a ray of sunlight. When Haroun wishes for the moon to be back on its normal axis the rays of sunlight destroy the shadow guards. Back at the war the Guppies defeat the Chupwalas and Khattam-Shud is crushed by a falling statue when the moon begins to tilt.
Haroun and the Sea of Stories
Mudra, the Warrior, because the leader of Chup bringing peace between Gup and Chup. Iff, now Chief Water Genie, turns pm Rashids story water supply. The Plentimaw fish clean up the Sea. The Walrus grants Haroun a favor of his choice which is for his sad city to be happy. After Butt the Hoopoe take Rashid and Haroun home, Haroun awake sin his bed to a letter from Kahani and Butt in it. Rashid tells the story of Haroun and the Sea of Stories in the Valley of K and is sent home. When the pair return home it's raining and everyone's dancing because of Harouns wish. In their apartment they find Harouns mother who realized leaving was a mistake. The next morning it's Harouns birthday and he sees a clock that is ticking.
Haroun and the Sea of Stories
Haroun and the Sea of Stories fits the Hero's Journey more than the other stories. This is because he has a determined quest and allies/helpers. Haroun actually does something to finish his quest by defeating the leader of the Land of Chup and his reward is exactly what he wanted. After his quest there was a very happy ending at his home and at the second moon, Kahani.
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