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Success with Multi-Channel Marketing (Super 46 Sandwiches Case Study)

Blogging and Social Media are powerful ways to reach customers, but they aren't the only ways. By utilizing blogs, microsites and social media layered with traditional media you can expose more people to your message through multiple touchpoints.

Indiana Tourism

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Success with Multi-Channel Marketing (Super 46 Sandwiches Case Study)

IOTD Marketing arm for leisure tourism in state
Stand alone agency reporting to Lt. Governor
Staff of four
Current budget - $1.9 million from the general fund
Private revenue - $1 million Who We Are Tourism is Big Business in Indiana Indiana hosts more than 62 million visitors annually
Visitors spend more than $10 billion annually
Tourism industry supports more than 257,000 jobs in Indiana Changes in Marketing Budget Pre-2009
$4.8M agency budget
$1M+ traditional media marketing budget
$100k research budget
$50k online ad budget
Budget ranked #42 of 50 state tourism offices Jeremy A. Williams Email: JeWilliams@VisitIndiana.com
Phone: 317.232.8897
Twitter: @VisitIndiana
Twitter: @JeremyAWilliams
Blog: VisitIndiana.com/blog Jeremy A. Williams Email: JeWilliams@VisitIndiana.com
Phone: 317.232.8897
Twitter: @VisitIndiana
Twitter: @JeremyAWilliams
Blog: VisitIndiana.com/blog Questions? * No external costs for us. Our blog is the content engine that drives our social strategy @ Mentions and Direct Messages
Retweets (how many times were you retweeted?)
Inbound links to your website via Twitter
Some trackable via twitter.com or t.co
Append campaign tracking metrics to links you send out 2009-Present
$1.9M agency budget
$0M traditional media marketing budget
$0k research budget
~$300k online ad budget
Budget ranked #48 of 49 state tourism offices
Extensive budget approval process With a 60% budget cut, we've had to work smarter and do more with less Sound familiar? What Is.. Curated list of 46 best sandwiches in Indiana Coincided with Super Bowl XLVI in Indy (2/5/12) Restaurants were located throughout Indiana, but focused on Central Indiana Wide variety of sandwiches
Vegetarian, burger, ethnic, tenderloin, deli, etc Locally-owned & locally-sourced Created with Open voting to determine top 16 Bracket-style vote to determine Super 46 Sandwich Champion Why did we create... Approached by Super Bowl Host Committee They were nervous about feeding 150,000 people in downtown Indy Wanted to encourage "eat where you stay" Encourage visitors to try local food instead of chains Encourage Hoosiers to try something new Help local restaurants bring in new customers... ...and make money Where did Super 46 live? 16-page printed insert 100,000 copies of Super Bowl Edition: Indiana Travel Guide Indianapolis Monthly - April Welcome Centers, hotels, restaurants, attractions... bit.ly/super46videos Email to current subscribers
Roughly 60,000

Collected email addresses on Super46.com from visitors
Sent daily email week of SB Super 46 Sandwiches Celebrity Tasting at Super Bowl Village What were the results? $154 million 1,105,000 265,039 150,000 24,574 13,024 33 46 Super Bowl XLVI Stats: $154 million: investment in Near Eastside through Super Bowl Legacy Initative 1,105,000 people visited Super Bowl Village in 10 days 265,039 people who attended NFL Experience – new record 150,000 volunteer hours amassed by 8,000+ volunteers - past Super Bowls had around 6,000 13,024 Super Scarves knitted for volunteers
Came from 45 states, DC and 4 countries beyond U.S. (goal was 8,000) 33 wrapped IndyCars (one for each team and one for SB XLVI
– located downtown then throughout Central Indiana) 46 Super Sandwiches in Indiana 86% of Social Referrals from Facebook 88% of Social Referrals from Facebook 4. Duane Purvis All-American Burger - Triple XXX Family Restaurant 3. Roast Pork Po' Boy - Papa Roux 2. Mile High Club - Rock Cola '50s Cafe 1. Bratwurst - Schnitzelbank Restaurant 1,901 video views during campaign 20% were viewed on mobile devices - people on the go ~20,000 visits from traditional media sites
24% of all visits Schnitzelbank Restaurant (Winner) Went through 100 lbs. of Brats (~500-600 Brats) each week
Three times more than usual for January Rock Cola '50s Café (Runner-up) January sales up 40% from January 2011
Sold more Mile High Clubs in 30 days than in the past three years Triple XXX Family Restaurant (Fantastic 4) Best January ever (sales up 57% over '11, up 30% over previously best Jan.)
Went through more peanut butter in one day than in 5-8 days usually Steer-In (Savory 16) Best day ever the day before the Super Bowl Papa Roux (Fantastic Four) Sold three days worth of pork in just one day immediately after launch $ Printed Piece Development Costs: $14,500
Development of Super46.com: $18,017.50
Online Advertising (incl. Twitter): $16,500
Promotion Expenses for Restaurants: $630

Total: $49,647.50 Promoted Accounts Promoted Tweets Cost per... Total Cost for Promotion: $49,647.50 Total Visits: 245,560 Cost Per Visit: $0.20
Total Pageviews: 696,274 Cost Per Pageview: $0.07
Total Votes: 257,300 Cost Per Vote: $0.19 24,574 passengers through IND airport on Feb 6 Final Thoughts Food is universal - what's universal for YOUR area? Leveraging multiple channels and layering messaging can bring in new users & improve brand recall Social Email Print Earned Media Online Ads Microsites Blogs Traditional media is not dead – great results via print/tv Social media can drive huge traffic (31.4% of all visits) Look for niche social networks like Instagram or Foodspotting You must be mobile-ready (16% of pageviews) Live Events Did the restaurants see any benefit? November 8, 2012 - Social Media Tourism Symposium The Importance of Cross-Channel Marketing @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 #super46 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 @jeremyawilliams | @VisitIndiana | #SoMeT12 bit.ly/somet-candidio bit.ly/somet-super46
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