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How Gunpowder Changed the World

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jonas schroeder

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of How Gunpowder Changed the World

How Gunpowder Changed the World
The first stages of Gunpowder
The Chinese and or Arabs for Arabia first invented gunpowder. The Chinese changed the world by using gunpowder. This advanced our world for thousands of years.
How the flying fire changed the world
The Chinese first invented the flying fire. This was the first explosive weapon that could be shot ever the enemy lines. When it touched the ground it exploded.
How the Flying fire Changed the world
At the time the Chinese enemies had only swords, and bows and other things. The Chinese would be bombing the enemy from a mile away. With only bows the enemy could not reach them. This made the Chinese unstoppable.
Explosive Trade
It was not til the thirteenth century before Europe started using gunpowder. But by the 1350s the French and English had cannons. They used this cannon against each other. Many other places used cannons. This new weapon pretty much destroyed the traditional walled fortification of Europe. Making it easier to not only attack but to also defend with big cannonballs getting blasted at your castle walls
New weapons of lasting change
The next step appeared in the fifteenth century. At the time cannon pretty much shrunk to a portable size. Guns were literally put into the hands of one person. This created a new class of soldier-infantry. This was the birth of the modern army we have today.
Gunpowder is still the
same for many modern weapons. For instance guns still propel an object using gun powder. All though it is still not the most explosive available to the armies which is the atomic bomb.
Gunpowder changed a lot all over the world. By the first flying fire to the rifle that could reach long distance and penetrate armor.
Modern day use
Gunpowder has made it so can mount machine guns on airplanes. It created destroyers and huge boats that where used in world war ll. It brought gunpowder to the war against native americans. This even led to the invention of the atomic bomb. Gunpowder lead to cannons on castles and then later to the artillery that will shoot down airplanes. Altogether this small thing made a huge effect on the world and made a new war.
Team Impact
Team impact can be a
be a group of lasting change. I think we can do a food drive for the families and kids in Africa. We can provide them with food or even raise money for an education.
We could have packets that go home with elementary students, high school and middle school.
2. This would be similar to the big change round up. We would collect pennies under your couch. Any spare change would be helpful.
3. one we received the money. We send this change or money to Africa. This would go to any poor people throughout the continent.
4. Altogether this would help them have a better education and future in life.
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