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Catherine, Called Birdy - Day 16 (September)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kelli Zicha

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Catherine, Called Birdy - Day 16 (September)

Use the book cover to make predictions on worksheet #1
by Karen Cushman
Catherine, Called Birdy
repulsive, causing disgust
a proposal
bathroom, outhouse
annoy, bother; cause of irritation
money, goods, or estate that a woman brings to her husband in marriage
strong dislike
to roar, yell
using language clearly or effectively showing feeling or meaning; forceful and fluent expression
gloomy state of mind, depression
to approve or agree
to consider carefully
to be successful; prosper

Essential Questions
1. What makes one person in society more valuable than another?
2. How does humor help people in life?
3. How were women's lives different from men's lives in the medieval times?

Catherine, Called Birdy
August Questions
1. Morwenna states, "Beauty and rainbows soon pass away." Catherine does not agree. Explain.

2. According to Catherine, what is the most important part of a wedding?

3. Compare Catherine's opinion of Father to Mother's opinion of him. Explain.

4. Why does Catherine promise never to meddle with love again?

Humor Chart

2. Catherine's mother is on the verge of death, but Catherine's father comes home and takes charge. He opens the window and asks everyone to leave the room. He gives her the encouragement to pull through. Her father obviously cares deeply about his wife. He is a very determined man. He is not willing to give up. He takes charge when necessary.

September: excited

Catherine is excited not to wed Shaggy Beard, but his son.
1. Catherine dreamed that she was lost in the woods because of the fog and she couldn't find her way out. A boar was approaching. Catherine feels lost because she doesn't want to marry Shaggy Beard and doesn't know what to do about it. Her marriage to Shaggy Beard is like the approaching board in her dream.
Birdy and Perkin have a trusting friendship. They get in and out of trouble together. They depend on each other.
Catherine despises her father because he is greedy and insensible. He is selfish and insensitive.
Catherine's mother is considerate of Catherine's feelings and tries to redirect her behavior.
Morwenna orders Catherine around and disciplines her often. She is strict with Catherine.
Catherine admires and trusts her brother, Edward. She shares her thoughts and ideas with him. She follows his advice.
Catherine thinks Robert is abominable. He pesters and annoys her.
Catherine admires her Uncle George. She enjoys listening to his stories which are full of adventure. She enjoys her uncle's company and attention.
3. Catherine thought Aelis still loved George. She is surprised that Aelis actually wants to marry Robert. She always considered Robert a beast; however, when she thinks about it, she realizes that deep inside he is a kind person.
4. Answers will vary.
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