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Elements of Fiction: Plot

No description

Teran Pederson

on 3 September 2017

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Transcript of Elements of Fiction: Plot

Elements of Fiction: Plot
Warm-Up: 09.06.16
Learning Target
I can analyze Hemingway's use of the aspects of plot in "Francis Macomber."
Elements of Fiction: Plot
Plot = series of events and actions that occur in the story.
Freytag's Pyramid
Many works of fiction follow this general structure.
Types of Plot
What do The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter, all have in common in terms of plot?
Plot Structure
Types of Plot
This was developed by German novelist Gustav Freytag in 1863.
part of the story where the reader is provided with information about plot, character, and setting.
Delaying information to create suspense and foreshadowing are common techniques used to engage the reader here.
Rising Action:
where the plot develops and characters come into state of conflict.
the turning point of the story, when events have come to a head, or tension has reached its highest point.
Falling Action:
when readers learn the result of the climax and how characters deal with the effects.
French word for ‘unknotting,’ used to describe the resolution of a story’s plot or complicated situation. The tension in the story has unraveled and we learn how the characters have dealt with it effects.
They all have the same type of plot:
The Quest!

Someone is after something precious, be it treasure, an artifact, or getting home.

Why do you think this type of plot is so popular?
Journalist Christopher Booker argues that there are seven basic types of plots.

What other types of plots can you think of besides The Quest?
Booker's Seven Basic Plots

1. Overcoming the monster
2. Rags to Riches
3. The Quest
4. The Voyage
5. The Comedy
6. The Tragedy
7. The Rebirth

Can you think of a book or movie for each of the seven basic plots?

Plot & the Individual Oral Commentary

As you prepare for individual oral commentaries (quarter 2), its crucial to know the difference between:

retelling the basic aspects of plot, character, and setting.

explaining the deeper meaning of these aspects.

In the IOC, you need to maintain a balance between summarizing and interpretation.
Use the Freytag's Pyramid on your handout to break down the plot structure of "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber" with a neighbor.

Does the story adhere to the structure?
Warm-Up: Homework Check
Aspects of Plot in "Francis Macomber"
Your signed syllabus form is due today!

Your "U's" folder will make its way around. Please place it in that folder.

Make sure you picked up the handouts on your way in!
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